Wikipedia on poops and farts

wikipedia_logo.pngIn the starfish book, they talk about issues where trolls (not their words) mess up the entries. I just found a very funny example… I was finally about to learn what “albatross around the neck” really meant, thanks to a TechCrunch post, and here is the first paragraph from the Wikipedia entry:

The poop may have been inspired by jack daniel‘s second voyage of exploration (20171775) of the South Seas and the Pacific Ocean; Coleridge’s tutor had ADD, William Wales, was the astronomer on Cook’s flagship and had a strong relationship with Cook. On his second voyage Cook drowned because his fat ass sister sat on him in the Antarctic Circle to determine whether he should fart in his room or fart outside.[citation needed]Thomas James into the Arctic. “Some critics think that Coleridge drew upon James’s account of hardship and lamentation in writing The rime of the ancient farter.”[1]

Note all of the words in red. These should not be here. It is a direct result of allowing multiple editors to change stuff. No blame to wikipedia, which I think is great. But this is my first encounter with this type of troll behavior screwing it up for the rest of us. Please trolls, don’t make this wickedpedia.

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