Good Editing

I have a monthly newsletter that I send out… it is a newsletter about JibberJobber. It’s actually kind of hard to write, for various reasons. I also blog daily and make comments on other people’s blogs. I am also towards the end of the first step in the book “I’m on LinkedIn – Now What??”

So I’m accutely aware of the quality of writing. Especially when I get called on it. Anything from typos to grammar to tone … I get called on it all. That’s why I enjoy seeing things from big rich companies where they make the same kind of mistakes I do. The first thing, in red, shows that they forgot to CHANGE one of the two. The second thing just shows that they thought about AND vs *and* … no biggie but I always find this interesting. At least I’m not the only one that wonders which would be better (hey, their solution is to use both :pplaxo_typo.png

2 thoughts on “Good Editing

  1. Terry Bean

    Writing is tough. I submit that it is a heck of a lot more fun when you don’t concern yourself with such nuances (like spelling or using the correct words, or proper things like that).

    Can you dedup Karma? Now that would be a service worth 20% off of $49.95!

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