From vegas to chicago

I’m in Chicago, I got to my french hotel just a couple of hours ago. I feel horrible (physically) – I had about 3 hours of sleep and not much to eat today (two granola bar things). My body has felt wierd, muscles, headache everything. Someone said that sleep deprivation is a sign of a true entrepreneur and my thought this morning at 3:55 am, right before a shower was “I don’t want to be an entrepreneur if I have to live on three hours of sleep!” Alas, that is what my choice is though, I’m running hard and going strong and I’m going to keep doing it. And I can’t wait to get some sleep tonight.

Christine Kane - kicking off the SOB eventSo this conference is the conference and it’s very very cool. Kent Blumberg, Phil G, Tom Clifford and many others that I’ve read before but to be all in the same room is just incredible. I hope to blog on various thing during the event … we’ll see how diligent I am on it (and how well rested I am tomorrow).

BTW, the conference in Vegas was INCREDIBLE. I wrote a post on the plane today, I’m not sure when I’ll post it or where (here or on JibberJobber).

Ok, so to kick of tonight’s thing we are listening to about 45 minutes of an awesome musician (Christine Kane), and then we’ll have a social. There has already been men hugging one another, and the weird look of “you’re taller (or shorter, or uglier, or whatever) than I expected.” Of course you don’t say this, but you think it :p

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