Utah, meet Seth. Seth, meet Utah.

gotgodin-tea.jpgSo a couple of days ago I am on a chat with Phil801 and Matthew Reinbold (I’m the only one who can call him Matt without him getting upset – consider yourself warned) and we are talking about the possibility of getting Godin to come to Utah. It’s a huge challenge – we essentially have 3 days (more or less) to cut a check for $25,000 – then he’ll schedule us in (the hopeful date is May 24th).

I’d like to take credit for this but I can’t. I was “invited” into the discussion, had a couple of thoughts/ideas, and then said that I was pretty swamped this weekend (um, where’s my W-2??).

It will be successful – there is a ton of online and offline buzz right now. The soldiers involved in contacting their networks have great networks, have been on the phone a good part of the day, and have even been looking for (and getting) corporate sponsors.

It’s uber-cool how a couple of guys have been able to tap into their network, and have them mobilize to get 25k put together. Seth knows about it, and even commented of a 4-series post on why we should raise the money but donate it to a worthy cause (microloans). Man, I’ve been waiting for him to comment on my blog, actually, blog about JibberJobber (!), so to see that he even comments on other people’s blogs is pretty cool.

Here is the page to pledge, which will help get to the $25k mark. Basically, if he comes then you pay $50. If he doesn’t come then maybe pay $50 and you can shave Phil801’s head. Maybe if we pool our money we can pay $2,500 and shave Kelly King Anderson’s head? Ash says he’ll shave his head for Seth but that’s because he is one of the biggest Seth-lovers out there. And he would look good with a shaved head (I can totally see Ash and Seth – bald buddies). I bet he would shave his kids heads, too.

Kidding aside, here are the other blog posts about this. Networking is making this happen – word of mouth/e-mail/blog. It’s a cool testament to having relationships built BEFORE you need them. Don’t you think now is a good time to get your free JibberJobber account?

Official Utah site to get the latest info: WordMob.com

Phil801: first, second, third

Matthew Reinbold

Janet Meiners

Kelly King

Ash Buckles

Steve Spencer

Thom Allen

Paul Allen

Paul Wilson: first, second, third

Blake Snow

Sponsors? I am seeing a nice list of potential sponsors… right now I know of only one – Twelve Horses – Good on ya Twelve Horses!

Twelve Horses, an interactive messaging and marketing company, has committed $2,000 to help bring Seth Godin to Utah. Steve Spencer, President of Twelve Horses stated, “I know that Wordmob, and the grass roots technology community here in Utah are making huge efforts to ensure that Utah has all of the exposure and opportunities of any other city. Twelve Horses not only fully supports and applauds this, but puts a call out to the rest of the business community. We cannot be passive in the exciting efforts that are happening right now in the valley. We are standing behind those who selflessly commit so many hours, and so much work to ensure that Utah can be a technology and information growth space. So please, join me in welcoming Seth Godin to Utah, and in helping us all learn from the knowledge and exposure he brings.”

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