More flattery…

Here are some other blog posts on the special… is this cool or what?

Nadine TurnerNadine Turner came into my little world a few weeks ago (almost two months??) and we hit it off pretty quick. I only know her from our online communications (wish she would be on IM more ;)) and have found her to be quick, witty, sharp, curious, and helpful. And extremely cool. Thank you Nadine for your cool endorsement!

Thom Allen aka DigitalTHOMI met Thom Allen in the lobby of Appleby’s when we were the first ones to show up for a bloggers dinner in March. We both kind of sat there for a while and finally I said “are you with the bloggers?” Its a wierd question, like saying “did you watch Star Trek before you came” or “would you have really voted for Sinjaya on American Idol?” … seems like a personal question. Anyway, I’m still trying to figure out what Thom does because as I follow him on Twitter he seems to do… everything! Yo Thom, thanks for the support!

Ash BucklesI found Ash Buckles’ blog last summer when I started blogging and found that he worked for one of my close friends while he was in Rexburg, Idaho. We exchanged e-mails way back then but finally met a couple of months ago at a bloggers dinner. He is the CIO of Brides Club and has a lot of responsibilities there (hands on IT as well as corporate strategy). Does some very cool stuff, has recently begun to post stuff on YouTube, and overall a very cool guy. He asked a question at the last March dinner that I have been thinking about daily since! Thanks Ash, for this cool post on how JibberJobber can be useful in planning a wedding!

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  1. Thom Allen

    Jason, interesting how you described me 🙂 And it appears I’ve done a lousy job conveying what I do. I don’t really do everything, I’ve just done a lot.

    I’ll try and create a blog post about it, because you’re not the only one.

    Oh and thanks for the introduction.

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