flattered. speechless.

So yesterday I announced a special one-week offer at JibberJobber. And I have to say that I’m absolutely flattered and speechless by some of the blogger reactions that I’ve received. (note, there have been a number of people that have forwarded this special to their own networks, lists they manage, etc. Thank you SO much! If you want me to list you here just let me know)…

Scot Herrick - Cube RulesScot Herick writes at CubeRules.com. We’ve known eachother for a while (seems like he is one of the first bloggers that I met so about 9 or 10 months?)… and he has endorsed or recommended JibberJobber before. But I never expected an endorsement like this. Wow.

Rob MerrillRob Merrill writes at UtahTechJobs.com (and other places). I e-mailed Rob last summer and said “hey, I’m a fellow Utah blogger, let’s hook up” and we’ve had a cool relationship ever since. As a matter of fact he’s one of my top favorite recruiters – and a really good friend. His post about JibberJobber and me are very flattering.

John ReinkeThe story behind me and John Reinke is a fun one, and we’ve had a very interesting relationship. John has one of the funnest blogs to read – he is a cynic and critic like no other – he’s quick to give a well-though-out opinion and calls ’em like he sees ’em. This post blew me away.

Harry Joiner - The Marketing Recruiter (Marketing Headhunter)Harry Joiner is one of the most respected recruiting bloggers and has an excellent blog (he’s been a favorite of mine since the beginning – he lives by “quality content”). Yesterday this post went up – it didn’t mention the special but it is a great endorsement of JibberJobber. Thanks Harry!

Carl Chapman - Executive Restaurant RecruiterCarl Chapman and appeared on the blog scene shortly after I did and we hit it off really well. Two ambitious newbies… he’s offered me lots of advice over the last 9 or 10 months and has been very kind to me. I think he loves blogging on anything I do just to put a picture of Jessica Alba there… shoot, he’s the one that got recruiters to call me Jason Jessica Alba! Here’s his post about this… !

Laura MoncurLaura Moncur is a veteran master of the web – she has the oldest quotations website, blogs on a number of blogs, is on twitter, … its pretty cool. I’ve read her personal blog since I got into the Utah blog scene and seen her comments on other Utah blogs… I finally got to meet her in March at the blogger’s dinner – it was really cool (we sat across from one another and her and her husband gave me advice on my pending book). She blogged about the special on her Gadets Page blog… thank you!

Phil801Phil801 is one of those internet folks that kind of doesn’t have a last name – he is his handle 🙂 Even in conversation I call him Phil801! He blogged about the special here, and had some really kind things to say about it.

Kent BlumbergKent Blumberg – wow, I can’t remember how we met exactly but Kent has turned into a very close friend. He is an expert in management and leadership and has been a very close advisor for JibberJobber. When I went to Houston in January he was with me for most meetings that I had scheduled, opened doors for me, and was the definitely of “power connector. Kent has called me on the carpet when appropriate, offered wise advice, and more. You can’t have a more valuable friend than Kent – he is an expert giver.

Mick WistMick and Matt from Insourced have an excellent blog and they were also one of the first to blog on the special… they also have some cool stuff going on at their company! Thanks for hitting this Mick! You are right about the “you probably don’t have too much to lose!” line.

Alex Rudloff - Owner of Emurse (resume creation)Alex Rudloff is the owner of Emurse.com (I send people to his site all the time…) – he might have been the first person to blog on the special.

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