Google Cardboard – seen it?

Last night I went to the LaunchUp event (website admittedly stinks, but sign up on the top-right to get invites to the monthly events, starting again in January) and saw Josh Coates speak… he was pretty awesome.  He got cut off for time, but if I ever hear of a chance to hear him speak again, I’m going.

Anyway, after all of the presentations, I learned about some new companies as I milled around.  One guy (I can’t remember who) showed me what his company was doing with Google Cardboard.  Haven’t heard of it? I hadn’t either.

He pulled a cardboard box out of his backpack and put his phone in it… and you now had your own virtual reality machine.  It was super cool.  I can’t remember what I was looking at – something with space, or a planet or something like that, but to use your smart phone as a screen, and a homemade cardboard contraption as the viewer… it really was geeky cool.

Here’s a short video on kind of how it works… on the Cardboard page you can learn how to make your own … (and develop apps for it):

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