My Son, The Ninja

Last week I was weeding a garden box with my five year old son.  He told me that he was a ninja.  He could pick weeds with his eyes closed, because ninjas can see with their eyes closed.

I asked him where he learned about ninjas and he said he didn’t learn about them, he was just born that way.  My son was born a ninja.  #awesome

I used that information a couple of days later when I was alone with him and was doing video recordings and need complete silence.  Don’t-flush-the-toilet, turn-off-the-air-conditioner, be-super-duper-quiet silence.  How do you explain this to a five year old? I don’t know.  But I do know how to explain it to a five year old ninja.  You simply say that I need total quiet, and if he needs to walk around, he has to walk around as silent as a ninja.  That totally worked.

Yesterday I changed out of my clothes after a family get-together and put on my black pajama bottoms and my black t-shirt.  He was right there and asked: “Dad, is that your ninja clothes?”

Darn.  My cover is busted.  He knows.  #bornNinja

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