Email is DEAD. Unless you are serious about communicating.

I’ve heard the Email is Dead argument a bit from young people.

They say that email is for old folks… GenX and beyond.  My heavens, they don’t want to be bothered with having to check their email.

Why can’t people get on the texting bandwagon?  Life would be so much better and more efficient, right?  LOL (if you are old, that is text language for laughing out loud, which means it’s funny)

I don’t think email is going to die anytime soon.  I think those young kids who think email is for the birds will get on email when they get a real job.

When their boss sends them an email (and not a text), guess what?  They’ll check email.

It will become important to them.

When a prospect or customer communicates with them via email, guess what will all the sudden become important, and not-dead-anytime-soon?

Yup.  Email.

For an excellent post on this, check out what Dave Girouard has to say: In Defense of Email

1 thought on “Email is DEAD. Unless you are serious about communicating.

  1. Kent

    Email marketing is still very effective compared to social media marketing because it is measurable. Email is direct marketing. I prefer use email to build relationship rather than social media.

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