Socialization Skills, once was homeschooling argument… now, technology??

My wife and I are talking about doing a “media fast,” where we shut down videos, video games, etc. for a period of time.

Last week I saw this article on our local news site: Tales from a ‘tech zombie-free’ family road trip

In the article I found it profoundly interesting that an issue with too much technology is lack of socialization:

A teacher at my kids’ elementary school told me that an increasing number of parents are asking that their young children be evaluated, citing socialization concerns. “The root of most of their issues,” this teacher explained, “is that these kids don’t know how to interact. We send them on the playground to play, but many simply don’t know how. Too many parents put them in front of screens at home and in cars, and even when they do have play dates, they often sit next to their friends in front of screens.”

I LOVE this paragraph from the article.

As homeschoolers we have heard over the years (not as much lately) concerns from people who think homeschoolers don’t get socialization.

The socialization argument is absolutely ridiculous (at least the way that we, and our friends, homeschool).  It is based on limited information and old perceptions. I’ve found homeschooled kids can communicate (ie, hold a conversation) with adults very easily, where public schooled kids have a harder time.

And now this… in schools they are saying that kids aren’t well socialized?

Awesome.  At least this time it’s not because of homeschooling 🙂

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