Two Important FOLLOWS for your business

This morning my wife mentioned to things in our morning prayer that I thought were pretty profound. She was praying for JibberJobber and she prayed that I could follow through with certain things, and that I could follow up on certain things.  I thought it was really quite insightful on what makes a company successful.

Follow-through:  More than once she has been asked by a spouse of a would-be entrepreneur how she gets me to follow through with things (projects, a book, sales, etc.).  I think her reply is that she doesn’t get me to… that I just do it.

If you don’t follow through on your stuff, and the right stuff, you will not have a business.

Follow-up: This is one of the most important parts of your business.  I know that not following-up is leaving money on the table.  Nurturing relationships, asking for deals, closing loops, and staying in touch more than once every three years is critical.  You can continually prospect new people, but the relationships you have right now might simply be waiting for you to follow up with them.

Thank you, Kaisie, for reminding me of two critical follows!

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  1. Kent

    Yes, follow up. This is especially important when we came back from a networking event. We spend only few minutes during the networking event, we need to follow up to build a long term relationship. Send them emails, arrange meeting to mutual benefits. 🙂

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