Lance Armstrong: Debacle of a Situation, and Handling Crisis with Class

I’m not a cyclist… I like bikes, and I have a nice one, but that’s about it. I haven’t really ridden on my bike this year, but I hope to before the weather turns.

I’ve known and heard about Lance Armstrong for years, of course.  He’s a power.  He’s a machine.  He’s a master on the bike, and from the little I’ve heard, I think he’s a gentleman and a cool guy.  (of course he’s cool, he lives in Austin, where being cool is a prerequisite)

I know he’s heavily involved in giving, giving back, charity, and all-things-to-end-cancer.

Yesterday I was amazed to read the headlines about him being accussed of doping.  More, I was amazed that they were going to strip his 7 titles, and today’s headline: “banned for life, career vacated.”

Sad, I thought.  Amazing.  I wanted to call a cyclist friend and ask him what he thought of it.

Today I read Lance’s official statement.  This is a case study in how to react to crisis.  This is the type of message I want to read from politicians and other leaders.  This is one of the most classy responses I’ve ever seen, and I love the maturity and message:

Lance Armstong’s Statement of August 23, 2012

I don’t know the history. I don’t know about the other dopers and the losers and the accuser and the USADA and Travis Tygart.

But Lance’s response, and his message, and his focus, resonate.

I’m a fan… hopefully not misplacing my trust, but I’m converted.

1 thought on “Lance Armstrong: Debacle of a Situation, and Handling Crisis with Class

  1. Lucas Brunelle

    All those arrogant “professional” roadies rag on our riding methods, yet who is winning those pro races? Men who do far worse shit than alleycat racers would ever do. Alleycats get ahead by grabbing onto a car. When I was racing in cat 2 in pro-am racing riders would use dope and do whatever to get to the front of the pack.

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