Lie: “If you build it, they will come.”

In most cases, most likely the case of YOUR business, or YOURSELF (if you are in transition), you can’t rely on this phrase that I think was made popular by the movie Field of Dreams.

Your stuff might be that awesome.

But no one will know about it, or care, until you invite them.

And the “invitation” will take more work than you think it should.

Awesomeness isn’t always apparent.

You must invite them, sometimes repeatedly (think:nurture and followup).

You must also think WIIFM = What’s In It For Me (them).  In other words, you have to let them know WHY they will love it, think it’s awesome, want to come, etc.

I’ve seen many startups fail at marketing, because they think the product speaks for itself.  I thought my resume spoke for itself.

What to do?

Pick up the phone.  Write the emails.  Reach out to them, invite them, and develop relationships.

Some of the relationships I started 6+ years ago, when I started my business, are finally seeing what I want them to see… six years later!

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