William’s head wound

Sorry for the gory pics… I had to put them somewhere ­čÖé

Kaisie and I were running and errand across the valley and got a calm call from our oldest daughter: “Um where are you?” ┬áThen she said William was bleeding out of a wound on his head, but he was okay, and when would we be home? ┬áA neighbor was there taking care of him…

We headed back home to see what was going on, but before we got there we were on the phone with our neighbor and agreed for her to meet us at the urgent care at the hospital.  Lucky the urgent care was in the hospital because they scooted us over to the emergency room right away.

It was a long night… especially for him. ┬áHe was terrified to get stitches. ┬áWe were home in bed by 1am, and he was okay. ┬áHis stitches and staples are now out, and I saw his wound yesterday and it looks really, really good! ┬áHe can almost sleep with his head resting on the back…

Here’s the funny thing… “the story” of what happened changed over a couple of days. ┬áWhat really happened had more┬ámischievousness┬áthan what we originally thought :p ┬áIsn’t that how it always happens?


This is right after the nurse flushed it out with saline solution. ┬áHe’s laying on the hospital bed… happy that part is over.

Note the difference between the wound and the tip of the arrow… the nurse lifted up the skin and it went all the way up to the tip of the arrow. ┬áThis was a deep wound that required internal stitches before they would put staples and stitches on the outside.

I’m grateful for many blessings, including modern medicine, and that this was not any worse than it was ­čÖé


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