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I spent a lot of time in my undergrad and MBA program in team projects… because the real world really valued teamwork and wanted us students to learn how to work in a team. ¬†Check this out:

I’m not as skeptical as “trust no one” might imply, but I am reminded of a team project in my senior year were two of the team threw everyone under the bus with lies and almost made me and one other person fail the class, which would have meant we would not have graduated. ¬†Stressful, and a big lesson in ethics…

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  1. Cleo Parker

    Reminds me of some choices I made in college. I was in a program where I could design my own major, and despite designing a major in marketing research, I did not take marketing because everyone said it was so hard. When I got to grad school I HAD to take marketing, they were some of the easiest, most intuitive classes I ever had. In retrospect, I think people said the first undergrad class was so hard was because it required a team project and people always got (at least) one slacker on their team.

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