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Wednesday night I was listening to the great Mark LeBlanc speak to about 50 professional speakers on how to “grow your business.” More on that later.

I normally don’t day dream, but at the break I had a conversation with Brad Barton about making money as a beekeeper. I asked him how much money you could make, and his answer surprised me. I was excited to include it in my new book, 101 Alternatives to Real Job.

When Mark LeBlanc started up again, I let my mind wander to a future visit with Brad’s family.

I imagined that I was with his kids, we were dressed in beekeeper suits (the kind the bees can’t get through), and someone had a video camera. I thought it would be cool to actually get some video of me for one of the chapters… somehow a few bees got in my suit and started flying around, and I got a few stings.

It was kind of comical, and a bit scary (this is one of my I DON’T EVER WANT TO BE IN THIS SITUATION scenarios), and I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing during Mark LeBlanc’s presentation…

Ah, the mind! It’s a beeeeeautiful thing :p

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