Freemium Models: Must Read

I am doing some research on freemium models, and specifically the upgrade page (technically, I’m looking for design ideas to enhance the “user interface” (aka: UI)).

I came across an excellent must-read post for anyone who thinks they want to do freemium, written by John Greathouse, who was involved in the precursor (?) to GoToWebinar  (BuddyHelp). I can’t find much info on BuddyHelp… but hey, that was internet eons ago.

Anyway, John writes How To Make Freemium Customers Generate Revenue For Your Startup. Go read it, as he seems to have identified a lot of pitfalls that you can avoid.

1 thought on “Freemium Models: Must Read

  1. John Greathouse


    Thanks for your kind words. BuddyHelp was a hard lesson to learn at the time, as it created a lot of tension. However, I am glad others can learn from BuddyHelp many years later, without the emotional strife!

    Per your comment, BuddyHelp was the precursor to GoToMyPC, which led to GoToMeeting and eventually GoToWebinar.

    Thanks again for sharing my thoughts with your readers.


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