Website? Favicon?

Do you have a website?  Y/N

If N… you can stop reading 🙂

If Y… do you have a favicon?

What, you ask, is a favicon?  It is a little tiny icon that goes in the tab of the browser… look at this:

These are *some* of the tabs I have open right now… do you recognize any of the sites I am on?

  1. gmail, always in the first place
  2. a blog post that is hosted on blogger… something I liked and will blog about later.
  3. the third tab I’m on. Because I’m on this tab the favicon doesn’t show up.
  4. Looky looky…!  A blank page.  This is a BUSINESS’ S website… with NO favicon.  See how it sticks out like a sore thumb?  I can’t tell what it is until I click on it.  IF YOU HAVE A WEBSITE, DO A FAVICON!  IT IS EASY!
  5. Twitter… for a person I’m trying to network into.
  6. Google Calendar.
  7. VJC – my competition – they have a great blog post that I’m reading.
  8. blank page … I don’t know, and THEY miss a branding opportunity!
  9. Some association page.
  10. Southwest airlines as I get ready for some trips.
  11. KSL – local news.
  12. Twitter – another person I’m trying to network into.
  13. Huffington Post article about unemployment.
  14. blank page – I don’t know!
  15. post on avoiding job boards that I need to read.
  16. A google search.

If YOUR page was open, would I see a blank page or a nice little favicon?

Here’s a search on favicon to help you get started.  This can really take just a few minutes to do.

5 thoughts on “Website? Favicon?

  1. Melissa Cooley

    I do have a favicon, and I have to give all the credit and thanks to Jacob Share of JobMob ( for it. When I got my current website last March, he noticed that a favicon was missing and made sure that I got something up there so I didn’t just have a blank page. I really appreciated it!

    Van is definitely right — a favicon is an important part of branding.

  2. Jason Post author

    if you look at the favicon at (this blog) you’ll see a very fun favicon… a little different than most… :p

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