Scary Spam

This is really clever, very scary… I think the spammers will have a good success rate with people clicking on this:

here are the things to watch for:

  1. I don’t know the “from” person, and “local schools” doesn’t make sense to me (but it might to a lot of students :s)
  2. I went to and it wasn’t a real website… didn’t go anywhere.
  3.  Too generic…
  4. subject line has a period
  5. I don’t have a mailbox with 23GB.  I Don’t have an account with them.
  6. NEVER, EVER “click here” to validate a mailbox… or anything that you haven’t specifically requested.
  7. Other poor grammar towards the end of the email

When you mouse over the “click here” link you see it will go to this URL:

A few red flags here, also:

  1. the URL doesn’t match the sender (…
  2. the subdomain starts with scripts. … NOT GOOD.
  3.  Seriously?
  4. form1.html?  Very novice.

This has yellow and red flags all over it – but they’ve done a very good job. PLEASE don’t click on anything that looks like this.  Simply delete it (or, if you are on Gmail, report phishing, or report as spam).

2 thoughts on “Scary Spam

  1. Kathy Bitschenauer

    THANK YOU for the heads up, Jason! And for your concern for our cyber safety.



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