140 Miles. Encouragement.

Today was an interesting walk. I walked 6.3 miles, which is the most I can stand to do since my boss doesn’t like me to take 2 hour lunch breaks :p

About 3 miles into it a neighbor who knows what my goal is honked like a crazy woman and then pulled up beside me and yelled encouragement… thumbs up and everything.  That was pretty cool (thank you :)).

Then, about a half mile up the road I was at an intersection waiting to cross when an older guy (about 60), pushing a stroller with a baby, came up to me and said “I walked every day for an hour, cut 1/2 of what I ate and cut out the soda and I lost 23 pounds!  Don’t give up!”

That was really nice of him to share.  Of course it reminded me that even though I feel 100 times better, I still look like I need to lose 23 pounds :p

Here’s my favorite story, though.  This happened 8 days ago. I was with my 9 year old son (the romantic one LOL).  He is a very active kid but this winter he hasn’t been so active… so he would ride his bike ahead of me just so he could take a lot of rests.

When we were about 3.5 miles into the walk, which was about .5 miles from our house, I told him I was going to pass our house and walk another 2.3 miles.  I knew he was exhausted and really just wanted to get a reaction out of him.

He said, with a really calm face, “that’s okay.” — no discouragement at all.

I said “really?”

He replied, and this was the BEST part: “sure Dad, I don’t care.  I just want to make sure you hit your goal.”

He was thinking of ME hitting MY goal.  What an awesome 9 year old!

It was a very tender moment – I sure love my kids!

3 thoughts on “140 Miles. Encouragement.

  1. Kathy

    Hi, Jason,

    My daughter is grown with two kids, so I enjoy my 3yr old granddaughter and 6 yr. old grandson. They are always so positive.

    Recently my granddaughter noticed me coughing and said, “Gramma, you need to go to the doctor!” Then she blew me a kiss.

    Both grandkids always sign off our phone calls with “I love you, Gramma1″ It never fails to warm my heart.

    I am so blessed that they live near enough to visit often, have for overnight stays, take them places like McDonald” (their favorite), celebrate even small things with such as my grandson’s “Terrific Student” award in first grade, and in general enjoy the tremendous fun and joy they bring into our life.



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