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I came across Dharmesh Shah’s post that lays out 12 typical traits of entrepreneurs, based on a survey from the Kauffman foundation.  The results are not very intuitive, and the first one was not accurate for ME.  Go check out the 12 points – here’s how I scored against them:

1. NO. I was much younger – I think I was 32 when I started JibberJobber and my journey as an entrepreneur.

2. YES. I have a BA in CIS and an MBA.

3. YES. I’d fit in with the 99% that wasn’t extremely rich or poor.

4. YES. I can’t think of other siblings that had started a serious business.

5. YES. I’ll join the majority of entrepreneurs who were married (still am married :p).

6. YES. I’ll join the majority who have kids (I had 3.5 kids at the time – we now have 5 kids).

7. NO. I haven’t been a serial entrepreneur… I don’t count the times I’ve done tiny entreprenuerial stuff.  This is my first real, serious venture.

8. YES. Building wealth (and securing my financial future) was at the top of my list when starting.

9. NO. I have to say that not finding traditional employment was “an important factor” in starting my business. I’d say it was more of “reading the tea leaves” and looking long-term – traditional employment means constant job changes, and not as much control over your career as you think.  I was interested in something else.

10. YES/NO. My mom didn’t finish college (but could have a PhD if she wanted), but my dad has a JD.  I’d say his education is higher than mine.

11. YES. I don’t consider my family to be very entrepreneurial since my dad and father-in-law were both longtime government employees.  However, my maternal grandpa ran his own camera store for years and retired because of it.

12. YES. I think my total time at my previous company was 6 years, with other employment before that.

How did you do?

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