World’s Strictest Parents, BBC, in Utah

One of my wife’s good friends (who has a fantastic parenting story and system) had her family featured on the British World’s Strictest Parents show.  I  watched the 6 parts on YouTube and was touched  a number of times… it’s amazing how much kids (I can say that since I’m so old) live without real direction from parents (or, how much kids get away from good morals).

I’ll leave it at that – here are the six parts:

You can learn more about Nicholeen Peck at her Teaching Self Government blog – also, there are lots of “afterthoughts” there.

3 thoughts on “World’s Strictest Parents, BBC, in Utah

  1. Nicholeen Peck


    I was so surprised to find all the parts to our episode here on your site. I hope people get the chance to see them all. The positive response has been amazing. Families all over the world have emailed with praise and questions about how they can make their homes more like ours.

    Your bloggers might want to know that I keep in touch with James and Hannah and they are doing as well as I could expect for going back to their origional environment. I think seeing their show on television has also given them a new resolve to keep working on improving their circumstances in life. They really thought our life was strange at first, because it was so foreign to what they knew or saw on TV, but by the end, they were begging to stay in our environment.

    Nicholeen Peck

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