Fall 2010. My Dream.

Today on my JibberJobber blog I announced the Now What??? series, where I have authors writing books, and I’m the executive editor.  It’s pretty cool, although I was jazzed about starting it.

A few days ago I was on the phone with my publisher and said “okay, I’m going to draw a line in the sand.  I’m telling you [and now I’m telling all my blog readers] that I’m going to have a Now What Authors Conference in Fall of 2010 in Salt Lake City.”

The vision for this conference is to have my authors (dozens?  more than 100?) come and learn from people on how to leverage being an author into other revenue streams.

I’ve thought about the buddies I’ve met at NSA, and others who have created various types revenue streams, to come in and speak.  Perhaps some workshops… who knows what it will be.

2 days of fun, education, inspiration, stories, ideas, networking, etc.

This wouldn’t be limited to just my authors… it would be for anyone who has (or wants to have) a book, and/or wants to take their “multiple revenue streams” to the next level.

Exact date? Dunno.

Price? Dunno.

Location? Somewhere in or near Salt Lake City.

Speakers/Presenters? Dunno.

Cool, huh?  What would you suggest to make this event amazing?

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