Looking for feedback on user tutorial videos – thoughts?

I need some input/feedback on some changes I’m doing with my JibberJobber user tutorial videos. I’ve embedded our test video below, but you can see the wider version here.  Notice that the visible quality is horrible – we’ve uploaded it on vimeo.com also, but it is still rendering apparently… so ignoring the visual (and my narration), I’m wondering about the editing and final product.

Here are my initial thoughts/questions (I hope this doesn’t influence your feedback):

  • Is the intro music (just a few seconds) okay? I think it’s kind of cool but I wouldn’t have thought of it…
  • I’m not sure about the music throughout the entire video… is it… good? Distracting?  Okay, or horrible?
  • At the end the video editor put his voice in the conclusion – thoughts?  My initial thought is “don’t say www”… it is not necessary when typing it in.
  • What else – what am i missing?

Again, realize the quality of what you see (not the audio) will look much, much better on vimeo.

14 thoughts on “Looking for feedback on user tutorial videos – thoughts?

  1. Louise Fletcher

    Hi Jason,

    I like the video – it’s a really good tutorial and I felt I learned a lot – but I did find the music throughout very distracting. It doesn’t feel necessary, but if it’s there it probably should be at a lower volume.

    Intro music was fine.

    I like the voice at the end, but agree about not needing the ‘wwww.’ But I thought having the voice at the end gave a nice professional touch and made it more likely that the viewer would remember your site’s name.

  2. Karin H

    Hi Jason

    Only watched a part of the video – running out of time, sorry – but:
    slow down, man!
    In switching screens, pointing to items on screens as well as in narration.

    IMHO the back-ground music is too loud and I fear it will distract especially those new to JibberJobber.

    Karin H. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

  3. Jason Post author

    from an email list I’m on:

    On videos, I really like music as a fade-in and fade-out rather than throughout the whole video especially when it’s training related. The music is really loud and it’s competing with your voice. When people are trying to learn something new, it’s best that the environment be simple and distraction free.

  4. Jason Post author

    from that same list, diff person:

    Just viewed it and here are my answers:

    • Is the intro music (just a few seconds) okay? I think it’s kind of cool but I wouldn’t have thought of it…

    I loved the intro music!

    • I’m not sure about the music throughout the entire video… is it… good? Distracting? Okay, or horrible?

    I would just leave the intro music – the music during the presentation was a little distracting.

    • At the end the video editor put his voice in the conclusion – thoughts? My initial thought is “don’t say www”… it is not necessary when typing it in.

    I think I would have preferred for the voice not to switch to his. It would be better for you to say it if you want to leave it in the presentation.

  5. Jason Post author

    from someone on Twitter (who Direct Messaged me):

    Music-yes. Throughout-no. If you show www, say www. Use your own voice throughout.

  6. Chip H

    My view is to keep the video aligned with the “Craigs List” model – no frills, just plain, solid information. I can understand the attraction to use music *because* it’s a video, but you’ve *already built* a powerful communications brand by consistently providing rich content wrapped up in meaningful context without the need for bells and whistles.

    In short, you don’t need the music – at least not under your commentary – because it adds nothing and only serves to distract attention from you.

  7. Jason Post author

    from another email list:

    There was at least one part, fairly early one where I remembering you jumping immediately from one topic to another without a pause when I believe there should have been one.

    Unless you’re promising a lesson in under four (4) minutes, don’t be afraid to slow down…throughout. I believe you need to give your audience some time to absorb the material.

    If your only audience for this video is those
    folks that are already familiar with your product, then outside of pausing between obvious sections, your speed may be OK, but I still suggest that you slow down and create a more regular tempo. Our perception is that silence is always bad in a presentation and we’re not inherently comfortable pausing for any amount of time when doing one, whether in this format, or in front of an audience. In our own heads, any pause seems to last an eternity, but with an even tempo, the pauses won’t stick-out, but rather serve to balance the sound of the whole presentation.

    I believe that you fly through it very quickly
    because of your familiarity with the product and possibly because
    you’re afraid if you don’t go through it so fast, you will lose your
    audience. If the folks viewing this level of tutorial for your product are interested in this feature, you will not lose them by adding 30 seconds to a minute to make it more smooth. If they aren’t interested, cutting out another 30 seconds by talking faster, isn’t going to make them watch.

    If research on elearning tells you that folks won’t watch anything over say 2 minutes 20 seconds, then you may just have to find a way to compartmentalize your instructional videos into even smaller lessons to fit into your “ideal” time-frame. Darn that “Internet/Adult onset ADD” ;o)…

    I liked the intro music. I did not find the music that played during the video distracting, but can see where some might. It probably wouldn’t hurt to drop the volume a notch.

    I can take or leave the voice at the end. Unless that voice is a branding issue, I would probably do away with it and just say it yourself…without the “www” (it’s a waste of time and takes impact away from your name, which is HUGELY important).

    Jason, it looks like you have a very well thought-out product. I hope this doesn’t sound too critical and helps.

  8. Mary McD, the Efficiency Doctor

    Hi Jason,

    First, it’s Yosemite Sam, not just Sam, OK?? 🙂

    Second, the music throughout was distracting… and the speed was up way too high.

    When explaining DOS (or any topic), start by explaining that DOS is done based on who intro’d you – it became obvious when going to the tree view, but not before.

    and yes, “jibberjobber.com” would suffice at the end. Is there some reason you don’t have the voiceover guy say that at the end?


  9. Jason Post author

    from another elist:

    Great job on the video….here’s my 2 cents…

    The sound was choppy at the beginning – slow to load, but what I heard was fine. For branding purposes I would pick one clip you’d use for all JJ audio so that whenever people hear that music they think JJ.

    I would eliminate music throughout – distracting.

    With regard to the voice over at the end – if this is an internal tutorial video, it would seem that would not be necessary.

    What I would recommend – at the beginning, state that this tutorial is one in a series to help users maximze the power of Jibber Jobber. Today’s 1 minute tip is on DOS and how it will….(add benefit here – why should they listen and learn). Then at the end you can mention other tips/tutorials…something like, if you found this helpful but were not famliar with the X or X feature mentioned, I recommend watching our 1 minute tip on these topics. Our next 1minute tip will be on our most recently added feature….etc.

    YOU are part of the JJ brand – your humor and personality. I think you should still with your own voice vs. having someone else provide instruction to the viewer.

  10. Krishna De

    Jason – not sure how you are creating the video but you can now record in HD and upload them onto a number of sites which host HD. Or pan in to show information more clearly.

    I would definitely loose the music throughout the video – it’s distracting, doesn’t seem to be connected to your brand and sounds a bit like Flash Dance or Fame style music from the 80’s. So not on track for a 21stC career management system.

    I’d also prefer to hear your voice at the end – of you are going to do all the narration for the video’s.

    I agree re the intro music being fine and the exit lost the www from the narration and also slow the screen – your voice was ok but I got a bit dizzy with the amount of movement.

  11. Jason Post author

    another one from an elist:

    1. I like the intro music but would keep it just at the intro and
    outtro (ending of video). Throughout the video is too distracting.

    2. You have a great voice and that works well for your videos. You
    might consider your voice talent “interviewing” you for the video – it
    gives you variety in modulation and tone. But, it is only a few
    minutes so you might save doing that for a longer video.

  12. julia

    The music (if it could be called that) is extremely distracting to me.

    Your voice and the announcer’s voice have nice tonal qualities. The www at the end would not be a problem, BUT, the guy gets tongue-tied so it sounds like he’s juggling marbles in his mouth. ‘doubleyoudoubleyoudoubleyou’ is not easy to say at any speed!

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