Funny Stuff & Overheard

Tonight my five year old daughter confessed at the dinner table that she has a crush on Kung Fu Panda.  No kidding.  I almost fell of my chair laughing.

I kind of have a crush on the ol’ bear also 😉

This morning my 7 year old son came down to my office in dramatic tears.  The ones that almost make you want to cry without knowing why.

me: what’s wrong?

him: The tooth fairy didn’t come… blubber sniff blubber… (yesterday the dentist removed two of his teeth)

me: oh man, I’m really sorry (feeling pretty guilty… bad daddy!)

him: and I LOST my teeth!  They weren’t under the pillow.

… a few minutes later he found his teeth.

me: where were they???

him: Under (my sister’s) pillow!

Good thing I don’t drink coffee – I would have spewed it all over my keyboard!

His sister, in the middle of the night, stole his teeth from under his pillow and put them under hers… hopeful little girl :p

I overheard his in the airport a few days ago.  No kidding.  I couldn’t believe it.  It came from a guy who looked like he was about 25ish… maybe a little older.  Dressed in business casual, with a laptop bag… you know, a responsible guy with a job.

“… all I remember was that I was trying really hard to act sober.  But I know I was really drunk.”

OMG.  I better anyone who was around him KNEW that (a) he was really drunk, and (b) any acting sober wasn’t fooling anyone.

Can a really drunk guy effectively act sober enough to trick everyone around him that he’s not really drunk?

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