Proof of value of not committing one of two blogging sins

I talk about 2 sins of bloggers.  There are two, absolute, must-haves if you are a blogger and care to have readers.  One of them is to put a “subscribe by email” or “receive posts by email” or some form like that…

When I started blogging all the kewl kids on the block were all over RSS.  RSS is cool technology, that’s true, but I personally don’t like it.  And most people I talk to have NO idea what RSS is, how to set it up, etc.  It’s like jargon… useful but not universal.

But everyone knows what email is, right?  RIGHT?  Why, then, if you are a blogger, do you NOT offer your readers the option to read your posts right in their inbox, in the format they know and love?  If you don’t offer that, you are violating one of the Two Sins of Blogging.

Today, I was delighted to get an email from one of my favorite blogs, written by Kent Blumberg.  Kent one the You Get It award a couple of years ago, but took a LONG break from blogging as he was getting his business up and running.  Why the break?  You’ll have to ask him.  All I know is he started blogging again, and THE ONLY reason I know is because I signed up to receive his posts by email.  Now, I can’t find that form on his blog now, maybe because he planned on not returning, but he had it there a while ago, and because of that, his brand is back on my mind.  Or, in my email.

Welcome back Kent, you’ve made my day. (this is where I should say “go put that form back!” but… I won’t ;))

2 thoughts on “Proof of value of not committing one of two blogging sins

  1. Kent Blumberg


    Good catch! I hadn’t noticed that email subscription link was missing. Guess it took a long holiday, too. Should be back now. Thanks for noticing that. I love the email subscriptions feature, too.

    Another big blogging mistake – taking an overly long break – for almost any reason. Talk about rusty!

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