Why I stopped doing creative stuff

Yesterday I had a pretty rough day. More on that next week on my JibberJobber blog.

To end the day, though, I thought I’d carve out some time and put together a powerpoint to try slideshare.net. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while, but really wish I had a really creative person to do it for me, or at least check it out. Someone like Armano, or Geno (both of whom I’ve met in person).

It’s not that I don’t like to pretend I’m creative. But something happened two years ago that made me stop and think harder about what I was doing.

I put out a press release.

It was uber-successful.

And that success scared me.

Scared me into thinking I had to be more thoughtful, more careful, with these types of things.

And I stopped. No more press releases. Nothing that an ad agency, or a PR firm, should do.

I scared myself into non-action.

And that was dumb.

1 thought on “Why I stopped doing creative stuff

  1. Deb Dib

    Jason, I’m a cautious, often shy person by nature. And I get very nervous if I have to stretch. But I’ve learned that no matter how scary a situation, we almost always regret not taking action — and almost never regret taking action.

    Think of how very many scary things you’ve done to build JJ and your amazing network in the past 2 years. You can’t tell me that was easy and not scary. Bravo to you! You can’t do what you’ve done and be dumb. Ease up on yourself, will ya?! 🙂

    But if there is now something you are now ready to do, go for it!

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