Taylor said all of the cusswords

Conversation this morning with my 7yo son:

William: Dad, yesterday Taylor (4yo girl) said all of the cusswords.

Me: Oh yeah, did mom hear?

William: yeah. And she didn’t even get in trouble.

Me: What did she say?

William: She said

  • stupid
  • dumb
  • your not the boss of me
  • and all the other cuss words there could be, except the V-word.

Me: What is the v-word? (thinking I knew all of the cusswords, but the gravity of this v-word issue was almost concerning…)

William: (hesitating, and in a whisper) … “vain”

3 thoughts on “Taylor said all of the cusswords

  1. Johnnie

    Nothing is more endearing than the innocence of a child.I can remember being horrified when my third-grader was telling about her classmate using the F-word. “The F-word” I cringed. She said, “Yeah Mom, don’t act like you don’t know what it means….. Fat!!

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