Quote of the day by Shally

Shally-no-last-name-required (in the recruiting/sourcing space) tells the animal:

I don’t think it’s possible to giving away too many secrets when you have the key to finding new ones.

Maybe I don’t get out much but I found that to be brilliant, especially considering the idea of generate revenue based on content (or, secrets)!

2 thoughts on “Quote of the day by Shally

  1. Deb Dib

    Wow…that’s my mantra, Jason. Thanks for bringing Shally’s quote forward. Great to see it said so beautifully. I’ve always wondered why so many people hold knowledge so closely — I’ve always believed in getting new ideas out there. By the time a new thing is even close to mainstream, I’m already deep into my newest ideas. I’d be bored holding onto the old ones anyway!

    Deb Dib, The CEO Coach
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