Plaxo is…

a “networked address book” and a precursor to social networks. As per an interview with John McCrea, VP of Marketing for Plaxo. Thanks to Thom Singer for the interview, you can check it out here.

McCrea says that Plaxo did indeed ask itself (or themselves) if the world really did need another social network. I’m surprised that their conclusion was yes… except that they did have an amazing foundation to start Pulse.

Says that next few months will be really exciting (because of the open social web – I’m guessing this is the API stuff that we’re seeing from Facebook). Sounds exciting but (a) it’s social networking, and I’m social networked out, and (b) aren’t marketing directors supposed to be excited about the next few months?

It’s a really interesting 30 minutes, worth your time.   I would like to hear what McCrea’s position is on LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Salesforce, etc. as competition.

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