I have an elevator crush on…

door_close_button.pngSee, Pete Johnson has the “nerd crush” market cornered. This is like asking Michael Jordan who he thinks are awesome basketball players… so if Pete has a nerd crush on someone, then I do too.

But I can’t really follow Pete in declaring who I have a nerd crush on. And being the junkie blogger that I am, I figured I needed to have some kind of crush on something. So, after my recent trip to Savannah, I figured out what that was. I have elevator crushes.

The best, funnest, coolest elevator that I had a crush on was at the Caribe Hilton. This elevator went up about 22 floors… and it was fast… and fun. For an eleven year old chump, this was one of the thrills of living in temporary quarters (we would go sneak in the resort, ride the elevator, go to the tidal pools, etc.). I will never forget this elevator.

But in Savannah, I experienced an elevator that trumps this one. It only went up six floors. And I can’t say that it was speedy fast. But it had something that no other elevator has (at least, no elevator that I’ve every stepped into). The “door close” button actually closes the doors – immediately!

Don’t you hate pushing the door close and then waiting seconds for it to begin shutting? It’s like it never really did anything, just made you feel like you were doing something.

But in Savannah, as soon as you push the door close button, it started to close.  Yes, I have an elevator crush on that elevator.

The world would be a better place if all elevators had this neat little feature.

(yes, I really am this weird. I just had to blog about it. If you aren’t a blogger, you wouldn’t understand :p)

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