Dear Yahoo,

Yahoo, or BooHoo??I got an e-mail from Yahoo yesterday wondering why I haven’t been using their ad network:

We’ve been reviewing advertisers’ accounts, and noticed that your account has been inactive lately. We understand that this might have been a result of decreased traffic volume, which caused you to be dissatisfied with your account performance.

We want your online advertising to be successful, so we recommend using an important ad testing feature that can help increase traffic while lowering your costs:

I would like to tell you, in reply to your e-mail, but at the bottom it says “do not reply.” So I’ll tell you here.

I signed up for your ad network. But a couple of days later you e-mailed me and said you didn’t want me. I violated something (not sure how offensive job-related keywords are). Not sure why – there was nothing offensive or anything like that.

So now why are you going to rub it in? Don’t you know that I’m in your database but you are trying to kick me out? Do you have to send me e-mails on how to optimize something that you won’t let me optimize??

Is it Yahoo or Boohoo?  Geesh!

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