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Wendy Piersall - eMomsAtHome bloggerTalking about becoming a blogging success. Her experience with moving forward, which is a very cool, exciting story about how she got started…. and a big goofy thing she did (submitting to the ProBlogger thing a while back, and her tenacity).

It is important to get outside of your comfort zone, to be tenacious!! Her most embarrassing moment:

She is a sr. coach and training with Anthony Robbins and associates… in their events they get people to stand up and dance.. so on one event they didnt’ have the normal music… the DJ put on her most favorite song and knew that she was going to go nuts, and she figured she would! (she is also a mom… and after 3 children things are a little stretched out)… and she started wetting her pants… and couldn’t stop… and she was in faded jeans wetting her pants in front of those people. She ran offstage… but the show went on… it had to.

How we all got here – we are all in this conference because of a link, a comment or something like that. We are all here because of someone else that is here.

It’s easy to see how many seeds are in an apple, but there is no way to know how many apples are in a seed.

She’s started from some pretty humble places and she’s overcome a lot to get here and where she is at today. The ProBlogger expo expanded her position so much that is why she is part of entrepreneur.com (and other stuff). Linking and commenting and e-mailing is a very strategic thing for her. She has definitely introduced herself through a link!

She wants to know how we’ve been able to leverage our relationships:

Muhammed Saleem – The Mu Life – if you leave a comment on his blog, he visits (so you can see him on MyBlogLog) and e-mails them. He tells about Brian from (CopyBlogger) about how their relationship grew. This is how Mu got to write for him. He keeps this up because this is not the only instance of this happening. He is here because Tony Hung blogged about this on the Blog Herald… and it turned out that Liz called him. Blogging is a SOCIAL medium … it doesn’t mean MySpace or whatever, it really is just the beginning of the conversation and ends in real relationships.

Ben Y – when you think of A-List bloggers, they are regular people that may be just a little ahead of the game. If they ignore you then screw them because they are not worth it anyway. What blogging has done for him is it helped him meet his partners for his new company… while you get to have an international audience you can also have a very local, tight audience (Jason: I’m seeing this with my Twitter stuff also).

Lorelle on WordPress -your blog is your resume, it is your letter of recommendation, they are networking. Because of her voice, and her “resume” which is her blog, she was selected to create this book – make your blog work so that people want todo business with you – so they come to you!

Robyn Tippins (MyBlogLog) – she is everywhere on the internet, she is the social networking queen. her blog is decent enough that it will speak for her. her advise is to TALK and TALK and TALK!!

now back to Wendy – there is a bigger “why” behind all of this. Her blog (work at home, marketing and blogging) is NOT her mission. Her mission is to find women who are also single and pregnant and in their twenties and went through hell and say YOU CAN DO IT — to provide inspiration and help to people in the situation she was in.

This is bigger than getting traffic. This is bigger than all the metrics and all that stuff – the bigger missions are for the people that she wants to reach in their hardest times. (jason: I totally relate – my mission is related to people who are getting screwed by their companies, laid off, undersized, and all that jazz and helping them through the lows of the lows, and the people that are scared out of their minds)

Wendy is awesome – this really hit home for me.

half of the blogs are spogs – realize that the blog is just the messenger, the bigger stuff is that THE MESSAGE behind the blog! She writes about SEO because she is the top result on married to an alcoholic — she knows SEO. She is also going to be doing PR and non-web stuff to reach more people, that aren’t online!

Frankie: about selling their car for environmental reason. And then what to do with the driveway?? There were too many bylaws in their community… and Frankie wanted to plant things there and not have a driveway! She read an article about how Toronto is such a great green city… and she called the reporter and told HER side of the story! This got picked up by the news station… and it really escalated. It was put in “tree hugger” … and lots of buzz around this story… it was blogged all over the place… and the city is wondering what’s going on? Her point is that WE CAN BE THE CATALYST FOR CHANGE.

Wendy says there is really really talented marketing folks here. How can we move outside the blogosphere to get our mission outside of the blog world?

  • Offer articles to them
  • Help schools, etc.
  • WashingPost.com has a blogroll
  • Have people at physical events
  • 70% of reporters get their ideas from blogs – reach out to them
  • Using article submission sites with out posts
  • Connecting with mainstream journalist articles that may be blogging and write about your stuff – approach this more accidental than pitching them… if they link to you great, but work the real relationship after that.
  • Follow up with reporters and send them interesting things, and let them know that we are linking to them
  • Send Wendy an e-mail if we have ideas or suggestions and she is going to send out a post and link back to us.

Wendy ended with a visualization technique to help people imagine what they could do if they imagined what they could do without limitations: think about how yo can do that with your blogs, and your business and the purpose that you are put on this earth for.

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  1. Karin H.

    Hi again

    Getting more and more impressed by your articles Jason (it starts to feel as I was there after all!).

    Love Saleem’s comment on this: blogging is more than MySpace as a community, it’s where the real relationships starts.
    Right on!

    (And Ben Y is right also about the so-called A-bloggers ;-))

    Karin H (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

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  5. Dawn Moreno

    Loved the story about wetting her pants on stage in front of all those people. Hey man, stuff happens! Life goes on. The message is bigger than the blogger for sure, but relationships start at ground level. : )

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