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Rodney Rumford - Video expertHow to take your blog and turn it into a multi-media property. subtitles: The convergence of video, blogs, community and connections.

There are 80k – 100k new videos uploaded every day … they can’t all be crap!!

YouTube has paved the way for us conceptually (we can see the value of what these vid’s are/can be) and technological (because of all the technology/tools to help meet the needs).

Huge problem with channels/playlists on existing platforms – YouTube, Googe Video, etc. Says there is going to be an evolution of playlists and channels based on topics, themes, fav’s etc.

People are watching more Tivo and less TV, and online you are going to be able to be more efficient on how you watch videos (it’s empowering to the individual).

Going to the next level, integrating video – you get longer site visits, deeper knowledge sharing, extending branding, etc. The bottom line is, if I get more info from you I’m more likely to come back to your blog.

Lots of people see a mountain of garbage when they think of the videos (because it’s not super easy to find the treasure chest of gems buried in the landfill of garbage)… the awesome solution will be the ability to find the gems quickly, easily, etc.

People consume content in different ways. (Jason: TRUE) Don’t say “my audience isn’t interested in video – you can’t really know that. If you are asking “how can I engage people deeper?” Even if you are not creating the content then just aggregate it.

Talks about MojoPages, as a video branding case study. they were able to create their brand with blogs and video documentary even before they had their product! They released a 10 minute video, really transparent, and they were ALL blogging at the same time (CEO, CFO, etc.). Then they had a bunch of bloggers hijack their brand… this grew because the bloggers took it over… awesome case study.

Says to create a channel of relevent video, stick it in your sidebar and share it with your readers. Says that “mybloglog” turned on the lights so we can see who is reading our blogs :p :p :p

Even if we don’t have excellent, great video IT’S OKAY! It’s still acceptable, and his advice is “JUST START” – the content is more impt than the visual quality.

We are all the connectors – all of the bloggers in this room have our own circles and we can connect others…

  • content creators are leaders
  • extend your reach and influence

— The End

comment: videos on a blog site, … the feedback about the videos on the site is amazing… when you get face and personality on there people are really jazzed to see/hear that.

Q: (or comment) Keith Levinson (sp) SEO expert. Says that search engines are starving for optimized video, so tag it, use megadata… says this is a HUGE opportunity right now because it’s so in it’s infancy. VideoSticky is focuses on tagging and SEO stuff.

Q: technical question – Ashley Cecil – wants to know how to put videos up without doing it on revver or YouTube or whatever. A: put it on your server and there are plugins.

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  1. Rodney Rumford

    Thanks for the summary of my presentation about video trends. The trend of video aggregation and the creation of is the next trend that we are likely to see.

    Just as bloggers currently share links, sharing an aggregated video channel is another value added service that bloggers can easily provide. This allows context for content.

    The seo benefit of an aggregated video channel (sticky)is just an added bonus for video channel creators and bloggers

    Nice meeting you.

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