Sitting by Ashley Cecil

I saw her site a ashley_cecil_self_painting.pngfew weeks ago after an open mic night… and was uber impressed with her painting talent and the way she uses a blog to further express herself and her art… and she’s right in front of me. Last night a found out she is an activist and loves to help others (I wonder how many foreign countries she’s been to).

here’s her blog: The Painting Activist

Very cool stuff.


2 Responses to “Sitting by Ashley Cecil”

  1. Ashley Cecil Says:

    It’s funny you picked my self portrait for this post. So many people at the conference have told me I need to redo do it. Apparently it doesn’t do me justice (flattering).

    Jason, you’ve got to identify yourself. I can’t put a face with a name. I bet we’ve talking at length and now I’m embarrassed.

  2. Kent Blumberg Says:


    I like your self portrait. Looks a bit angry – or determined – just right for an activist.


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