My new career started sometime in 2006.  Prior to that I was an IT manager for Varsity Contractors, which did around $200M in revenue cleaning toilets and fixing buildings.  I was their first IT Manager, and had a great time while there.  That lead me to my next role, which evolved into General Manager of a small IT company, which was a subsidiary of Varsity.  I was involved in that subsidiary from the beginning, and found it to be a very important learning experience.  All the way up to getting laid off, in January 2006.

I started my first job search then, after having had a few professional roles, and found the job search experience to … suck.  I didn’t know what I was doing, but thought I knew what I was doing.  My job search was a mess, and I got nowhere (except frustrated).  During my job search I realized there was a huge gap in what job seekers had at their fingertips, … there are plenty of job boards (40k+), and plenty of books and articles, but there was not a TOOL to do what we needed to do.  JibberJobber is that tool, and you can learn more about it at JibberJobber.com.

I wrote a book, I’m on LinkedIn — Now What??? in September 2007.  This book has sold thousands of copies and has been a significant factor in becoming a “professional speaker.”  In fact, all of the speaking opportunities I’ve had have been a result of people finding or reading this book.

I coauthored I’m on Facebook — Now What??? which came out early 2008, which helped unbrand me as just a LinkedIn or job search expert, and more of a social media/network guy.  Of course I speak to job search and networking groups, to unemployed or employed people.  I also speak to associations, universities, marketing groups or clubs, etc.

I am the creator of the CEO Training webinars, helping people become the CEO of Me, Inc., with titles such as Hands on LinkedIn, Hands on Facebook, Write your book!, and Blog Marketing 201 – 501.

I don’t consider myself a career or job search expert, since I reserve that for those who are certified career coaches or resume writers. I don’t work with individual professionals, rather, I refer them to my partners.  I am, however, certified as a personal branding strategist.

Currently I am working on I’m on Twitter — Now What???, and a few other book projects.  While I do spend a lot of time writing (I have 4 blogs that i keep updated), my main role is CEO of JibberJobber.com.

If you are interested in learning about my fees for speaking, consulting or workshops, please let me know.