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I just wanted to say thank you for the valuable resource that JibberJobber is to me. I am looking for a small job right now and I am also in the process of applying to dental school. The interview process will no doubt be a taxing one, and the resources in the JibberJobber library have proven to be very helpful. I look forward to using JibberJobber not only to help with job finding but to create a good network for myself. Thanks! More

Another Awesome About Us Page

A couple of years ago I blogged about a “brilliant About Us page“… I recently found another one that is just awesome.  This is from Canvas, which provides software (learning management system, or LMS) for schools.  Josh Coates is the guy who sold his startup to EMC for $76M, and he’s running canvas now.  Check out the Canvas (aka, instructure) Our Team page.

It looks fun and playful, right?


If you mouse over each person’s image, it changes from the playful image (Steve’s playfulness is his clothes, which you’ll have to go to the page to see) to a serious corporate image.  But it defaults to the playful one. Isn’t that cool?




Great job Canvas peeps!

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