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I recently lost my employment after twenty six years with the same employer. I drastically underestimated the complexity of keeping track of network contacts, referrals and potential companies. I thought I would be able to track my contacts on scratch paper. Now, three months later, I am very glad that I started using This system will now be a permanent record that I will use forever. More

YouTube Celebrity: Kurt Hugo Schneider (musician)

Kurt Hugo Schneider is AMAZING.  Check out his YouTube channel here.

How is it in such a crazy, noisy, crowded space (music on YouTube) he can get hundreds of millions of views?

On the originals list, each of the uploads has over 1M views:


Check out his popular uploads… the lowest has over 30M!!


If you are interested at all in making money from YouTube, or getting credibility, or customers, etc., you need to become a student of Kurt Hugo Schneider and his work.  Amazing, and well done!

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