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I love JibberJobber. I have been active in my job search for over two months now and my list of contacts and companies was getting to be very disorganized. Also, as a long job search goes on, it is nice to have a tool that will provide some structure and reminders to keep the job seeker motivated to continue the battle. I hate to admit this but I received a call the other day from a company I could not remember applying for, it was at that moment I realized I needed JibberJobber. After months of applying for jobs online and visiting recruiters it can become very easy to just simply lose track of ones job search. More

Seth Godin on What Marketers Are Getting Wrong

I have read this once or twice and wanted to close the page…. and move on.   But I can’t. I keep re-reading certain lines.  Thinking about how this applies to the JibberJobber user experience.

Godin is a genius.  And this article needs to be reread regularly: Seth Godin on What Marketers Are Getting Wrong

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