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As a professional with high standards and principals, I have always valued ex-colleagues. Despite the fact they have supplied me with new sources of income for several years now, I always found it difficult to nurture my business network. Now with tools like LinkedIn I can track the people in my network, but still my memory can fail me on details of people I only speak to every few months. complements social networking tools perfectly, because it allows me to track useful facts about the people I trust, about what we have discussed in the past, and it even drops me an email to remind me when I want to get back in touch with someone. This helps to strengthen my individual connections, and enrich my network. I have all the information I need at my fingertips, wherever I am - that’s powerful! More

Fascinating documentary on gardening: Back to Eden

Have you seen Back to Eden?  Are you into or interested in gardening?

You gotta check this video out … I’ve watched the first half and have it queued up to watch the whole thing.

Here’s the documentary on Vimeo.

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