Announcement: Monthly Social Marketing Training

It’s been a long time coming, and today’s the right day to announce this.  Today I’m announcing my 12 month social marketing training program for entrepreneurs and marketers. This is not geared towards job seekers, although job seekers can sign up.

I’ve done a lot of social training.  I’ve written two books and have spoken probably 300 times in the last 2.5 years.  I’ve done my own webinars, I’ve been on the road from California to Washington D.C, and even to Istanbul.  I’ve done teleseminars, webinars, and articles.  I’ve been the expert for social marketing training systems that other people have put together.

And I never get to share all the stuff I want to share.  Not anymore.  Now I get to share it all.

I know there are a lot of social marketing programs out there. I don’t consider any of them competition – not because I’m better than them, but because this is not my core business.

Instead, this is stuff I’m sharing based on WHAT I’VE DONE in my own business, with my own revenue streams.  From moving product (books, DVDs) to getting subscriptions (on to building a brand as a SME and thought leader, I’ve lived it.  Each of those things have produced $ for me, and it is really the only reason why I have my own sustainable business.

I have lived it every day for almost four years – not just talking about it, but DOING IT.  And now I’m ready to share.  Here are the details of the program:

What it is

The focus of this program is to help you, the entrepreneur or marketing manager or CEO or founder, or speaker, or author, better utilize current online marketing tools to help you build your business.  The emphasis will be on strategy+tactic=growth.  You will understand the tools and different strategies, and you will know what tasks, techniques or tactics to employ.

Each month (see schedule below) you will have at least four hours of instruction and/or discussion, as follows:

Week 1: You will get a video to watch that will help you understand the month’s topic, including strategies and tactics, around that topic.  You will have things to DO.

Week 2: One hour webinar/call where we talk about the things you were supposed to DO, how you did them, what results you got, any questions you have, any suggestions, etc.  This will be an open, collaborative meeting.

Week 3: same as week 2 – the emphasis is on DOING things as well as answering any questions, following up on exceptions, etc.

Week 4: Open webinar – we can discuss anything you want from this month’s topic, or any month.  I left this open so if you have a question about something we aren’t talking about for 9 months, you don’t have to wait.

Each of the 4 weeks will be recorded and available for review (unless we have technology glitches) at your leisure – you don’t have to be on the calls but I suggest you are.

There will be a private Yahoo/Google Group where we can discuss things at any time – ask me questions, ask your peers questions, share wins and victories, etc.

This model of training (video and discussion and accountability) with the email forum to top it off.

In addition, each person will get a premium JibberJobber account, as relationship management is key, and we’ll use JibberJobber as a baseline CRM tool.

Tentative Schedule

  • February: LinkedIn Marketing
  • March: Blog Marketing
  • April: Twitter Marketing
  • May: Facebook Marketing
  • June: video marketing sites (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • July: Newsletters Marketing
  • August: CRM / JibberJobber
  • September: Website and SEO, shopping carts, etc.
  • October: speaking and Webinars
  • November: Products: books, DVDs, recorded webinars, etc.
  • December: Article Marketing
  • January 2011: Press Releases (includes $249 Killer Online Press Releases DVD if you have paid for at least 3 other months)


One Person: $99/month, paid monthly.  No long-term obligation.

Discount if you buy 6 months (one month free) or 12 months (three months free) upfront.

Discounts for companies with multiple attendees – email for details.

To sign up simply go to the JibberJobber payment page and make any of the following payments:

One month, one time: $99 (make sure to put a comment that this is JUST for January)

Monthly subscription: $99 (make sure you say it’s for a subscription, and to bill you monthly (monthly draw will be on the first of each month))

Six month, one time: $495

Twelve months, one time: $891

I regularly charge $250/hour for consulting, so to get 4 hours * 12 months for $891 is a steal of a deal.

Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with the course we will refund your money as follows:

Monthly payments: anytime during the month, if you are unsatisfied, cancel and ask for a refund for that month.

Six/Twelve month payments: We’ll refund the month you are not happy with and then cancel the rest of the plan.

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