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Shakespeare, acting and improv

Friday, September 13th, 2013

I love Whose Line Is it Anyway.  It is amazing thinking.

Here’s an improv website we were pointed to in our training with a ton of improv games and activities.  I’ve only just started surfing around, but if you are in charge of any groups where you are looking for ice breakers, get to know you games, etc., look no further.  This is a goldmine!

Completely new territory: Shakespeare

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

You might know that my wife and I homeschool our kids.  Part of that experience means two years of Shakespeare for 12+ year old kids.  Our oldest went through that (and did a third somewhere else), and our next son is starting it this year.

And, somehow…. we got invited to be the “mentors” (which is like being the teachers).

We went to a three day training, which was outside of my comfort zone (acting… !), and today was the second class.  I had to miss it because of a long-ago scheduled webinar, but Kaisie went with last year’s mentor.

Anyway, my brain is in “digest Shakespeare” mode.  I have never had an appreciation for Shakespeare before, but I as I learn more I’m slowly getting into it.  You might find a few posts here and there that have to do with this new venture.

Here’s a link to a page that talks about why youth should experience Shakespeare. It is below the “about the author” section… I really liked what she had to say.  This answers a few questions for me, and gets me more excited about diving in :)