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Video – what is JibberJobber

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

The fine folks at made this for me :

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more typos, and bad news from rich companies

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Check out the image below, I grabbed it from my MSN news window:


First, I’m not sure what my fixation is on typos hitting prime time. Probably because I’ve had crotchety old bosses that get really pissed when I’ve let something slip through (in one board meeting the chairman took a brochure we did, looked at it, and tore it in half. How’s that for leadership? Loser.) But even MSN doesn’t always spell stuff right. I think, last I checked, Microsoft Word comes with spell-check. (hey, just so you know, stay tuned on my JibberJobber site, I’m planning some typos of my own :p)

Second, Liz Claiborne recently died, and was credited with building an awesome dynasty ($5billion strong). Are they looking at ditching almost 20% of their revenue because those were the founder’s pet projects? Was she heavy-handed in managing the company, and this is a result of her not involved anymore? I’d love to get the inside story on this peculiar timing. I’d love to know if any of her family has ownership (and active management roles), and if the leadership that is doing this is brand new hatchet-men types, or if they have been quietly planning this for a while, etc. This kind of stuff intrigues me.

Of course, you know they should offer their terminated employees lifetime subscriptions to JibberJobber. It’s the least they could do.

Welcome and who the heck is…

Monday, May 14th, 2007

So there are a few bloggers that are linking over to now that the SOB conference is over. This is a quick intro to why I blogged SOB and why I don’t want you to stay on this blog :p

you missed it - better come next yearI was asked by some friends to “blog about it” and decided that while I was in Chicago I would take notes and blog on every single speaker that I could. There were a few that where really hard to follow (break out session, or big group discussions), but for the most part I was able to take some pretty okay notes. I have already seen a number of people comment to clarify, or clarify in posts of their own, which is great. I’m not a court reporter and know I missed a bunch of things but for the most part this should be a pretty cool resource for quite a while.

Note that there were some way cool offers from MyBlogLog and Evoca that I DID NOT blog about. If you didn’t catch it then too bad – try and come next year :p

Here’s why I don’t really want you to stay on this blog though. is an outlet for me where I post things that are not related to my core business, or my mission. It’s just a place to put random thoughts that are off-brand for I think it’s cool stuff but this is where I break rules (like, I try to not use all-caps (for the first words) in these titles, where I do on the JibberJobber blog). Also, I post daily on the JibberJobber blog, whereas I have no agenda here and post whenever (no frequency).

So, it’s not that I don’t want you to stay here, or visit, or add me to your RSS feed… but please come check out JibberJobber. Here’s what you’ll find:

JibberJobber.comThe website is a personal relationship/career manager. It’s all about the relationships, right? Think of JibberJobber as your own that you can have during your entire career. If you are a blogger, use it to improve your blog network and relationships. If you are “just a professional” you need this more than ever, as you should be changing jobs or careers every 3-5 years. We have a freemium model which means you get lots for free with an optional upgrade. Go get your free account now!

The JibberJobber blog is about career stuff. Once again, whether you you_get_it_smallest.pngown your own business or work for someone else, there are a number of things that you could/should do to move forward. I blog about relationships, networking, social (and unsocial) networking, tools, personal branding, etc. I have a monthly “YOU GET IT” award recognizing people that use technology to quantify their personal brand. It’s a pretty cool blog, if I do say so myself, and the latest mention in news was the Wall Street Journal’s Career Journal (check it out – you’ll even see how old I am). If you are a blogger please consider sharing the link love to the JibberJobber blog.

So there you go — I blog on about 3 or 4 blogs professionally and just use this as an outlet. Stay as long as you want, but please visit JibberJobber for the good, regular stuff.

Wendy Piersall - eMomsAtHome bloggerInspired by Wendy Piersall’s presentation in Chicago, I’d like to share my mission. It’s not about being a wildly successful web entrepreneur (although it is a fun road). It’s about helping people understand career problems. Not all problems… mostly how to deal with or avoid the deep depressions of job search, job transtion, getting laid off, getting fired, etc. It is a very hard place to be, and when someone can’t provide for his/her family it can be devastating. My mission is to help people through this, or avoid this. Thanks Wendy!

Now, get on over to JibberJobber 😉

are you a commodity or brand?

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

Remember, no matter what your job title is – if you are relying on that you
are merely a commodity. For example, coffee is a commodity, Starbucks is a
brand. Market your brand and win market distinction. Create a visible,
branded online identity and attract the people who need to know about you.

Awesome, I love it.

From Cindy Kraft, The CFO Coach, on an e-mail list.

Guy Kawasaki on pitching to a VC

Saturday, April 7th, 2007

Guy Kawasaki - the man, the miracleI’m not looking for VC money but I understand it’s not an overnight process, and it is important to cultivate relationships early. Combine that with my passion for networking and my curiousity about the funding space and I get a kick out of articles on how to get money, or pitch, or whatever.

And Guy Kawasaki has a cool style (not too brainy, very relatable (yes, I’m not brainy – I just admitted it – shoot, I even had to look up how to spell relatable!).

Anyway, I have had a problem answering various questions about JibberJobber – so I’ll practice #6 from his post entitled How to Get the Attention of a Venture Capitalist and come back in a year to see just how good it turns out to be!

What Does Your Company Do?

We provide web-based tools and information to the working professional. empowers professionals to own their career by providing relationship management, job search and career planning tools. is to a professional what CRM is to a salesperson. As one of our users stated, “JibberJobber isn’t just for a job search, it’s part of my life!”

What Problem Are You Solving?

We are supposed to change jobs at least 9 times during our career – and sometimes these transitions are not by our choice. Navigating through unemployment can be very difficult and emotional as many of us are not taught what we should be doing.

JibberJobber provides excellent tools to help people navigate a job search in a disciplined, systematic way that is aligned with best practices in networking and job search. Once you land the job, JibberJobber provides excellent tools to continue to manage your network relationships, track target companies and do other things that you should be doing for career management.

What’s special about your technology/marketing/expertise/connections?

The technology is similar to the hundreds of CRM applications for salespeople. There was nothing available to a regular person that was easy to use (without sales jargon, unnecessary reports, etc.). JibberJobber is designed specifically for the individual to manage career issues throughout your career.

JibberJobber’s marketing campaign has been typical bootstrap marketing (which is probably atypical traditional marketing). With a strong blogger network JibberJobber has been able to grow through blogger word-of-mouth. In addition, users usually share JibberJobber with friends, family and their network connections.

The management and technologists have expertise in projects very similar to JibberJobber. The team has worked together previously which has enabled a lot of progress in short period of time. While experienced in similar ventures, this is the first B2C marketing venture which has perhaps been a benefit since there are no preconcieved ideas on how to market B2C (considering traditional B2C marketing campaigns may not have valued the blogosphere as much).

Connections have been developed and nurtured since inception of JibberJobber and range from online to offline. Various relationships have added significant value with regard to marketing, strategic planning, technical execution/operations, financial strategy, etc. (note: I’ve often wondered how cool it would be to have a “fully staffed team” but recognize that I need to make up for this with network relationships)

Who Are You?

My name is Jason Alba. I am passionate about career management because I was laid off and had no idea how stressful a job search really is – but I learned pretty quick! Regardless of how “great” the economy is, or how low unemployment is, it’s not easy, nor fun. My passion lies in helping people navigate their career and do things that I neglected in my own career.

I received a BA in Computer Information Systems and an MBA from Idaho State University. I have worked with Internet appications since before 1998 and have experience with various types of projects, company sizes, customers, etc. I was the general manager at my last company where we had similar products (in totally different industries) which prepared me to move forward with the development and marketing of JibberJobber.

Yo Guy, thanks for the prompt to put this together!

Reminder: Only 2 more days to take advantage of the incredible lifetime for $99 offer! Scoot on over and upgrade now – it’s not going to be this cheap ever again (did I almost say never??)!

Where can/should I improve? (recognizing that this blog is a PUBLIC forum so maybe I’m not quite ready to share all of my secret sauce here…)


Friday, April 6th, 2007

here are some more excellent endorsements or examples of support for JibberJobber. “Thanks” seems like its a word too small to express my gratitude….

Mike Murray - Episteme.caMike Murray and I bumped into each other through our blogs and hit it off pretty quick. What I didn’t know was that Mike is as passionate about sharing his thoughts/experiences on career management as I am. He came out with a book (which I wrote about) and has a cool following of black-hat/white-hats. There is no in-between. Mike, you rock.

Liz StraussLiz Strauss is a legend online with writers and bloggers – she’s had an amazing offline career and is a leader in the blogging world, hooking up bloggers, recognizing them, etc. She puts on a conference that I’m going to (crossing fingers) because I want to get some face-time with some of these amazing people she surrounds herself with. Liz did a 3 question interview just in time for the special – Liz – awesome! Thank you!

Andrew Flusche - LegalAndrew Andrew Flusche is one of my favorite “students”… he is finishing up law school and is, imho one of the best bloggers I’ve seen with regard to his efforts to make it better for him and his readers. Super-duper active with blog carnivals, that’s how I met him. He went on to do a 3-part review of JibberJobber and recently told his readers about the deal.

JibberJobber – A Case Study In Freemium Models

Friday, April 6th, 2007

Just 3 more days until the special upgrade to lifetime offer expires!! Go upgrade today!

Over the last year I’ve learned a lot about offering free services online – I’ll share it with you today because (a) it’s interesting, and (b) some of you wonder how I make money :)!

About 90% of JibberJobber’s functionality is free. Why so generous? Because many of the people that urgently need JibberJobber don’t have any money (they are looking for a job). As I talk with most career centers and other non-profilt entities they have a very hard time understanding this.

(if you get so much for free, why in the world should you upgrade? The other 10% is big-time frosting on the cake. You get unlimited records, e-mail reminders on action items, and goodies like unlimited network relationship goals – very cool indeed! Did I mention there are only three days left before the price goes from $99 to $495 for lifetime?)

They are used to companies selling them stuff, which they can then offer to their constituents for free. For example, University of Whatever is willing to pay $5,000 a year to license a technology as long as they can offer it to their students and alumni for free.

But usually they DO NOT want to endorse, promote, or offer anything that their constituents might have to buy. From my perspective as a student (or alumnus) this is a little silly because they actually do recommend things that cost money – so its a selective thing.

And why they stongly recommend using Monster (where there is an option to upgrade) or LinkedIn (where there is an option to upgrade) baffles me – because JibberJobber has the same business model (freemium), but they tell me they can’t let their constituents know about JibberJobber.

I have to mention that there are some incredibly progressive schools that I’ve worked with – so this is more of a generalization – the point I’m making is that some people/companies don’t understand freemium.

Penny Gap by Josh Kopelman - Redeye VCSo, back to Freemium. Josh Kopelman (Redeye VC) sums it up with his blog post titled The Penny Gap. You have to understand that Josh is a VC, so he’s critically looking at this model from an investor’s perspective (I realize that you, as my user, are also an investor!). His point is there is a HUUUUUUGE gap between FREE and pay me anything – even a penny. There are two nice charts he has, and intellectual talk over on his blog – go read that for indepth analysis (make sure to read the comments).

Free is not a business model!Josh points to a GigaOM blog post by Anne Zelenka titled Free: A Tactic, Not A Business Model. Anne goes on to talk about the idea a little more, ending with the idea that not understanding the real business model “misleads web application developers into thinking they don’t need to do the hard work of figuring out what’s really of value to users before they build and launch their online service. Who loses? Users, … “ She makes some excellent points, and there are great comments there as well.

So what in the world am I thinking? What is the business model behind JibberJobber? Has the penny gap been that big? And all of this boils down to, where is JibberJobber headed? Two thoughts:

  • The percentage of people that have upgraded to JibberJobber is significantly higher than what I was told to expect (and this doesn’t even include this week’s special) – so the penny gap has been smaller than what others said it would be. Based on percentages alone, the revenue from upgrades will be enough to sustain the company moving forward once we hit a certain number of signups.
  • The JibberJobber business plan has other revenue streams, aside from the premium upgrades. It’s a little too early to talk about it on this blog but these other streams have already been significantly larger than premium upgrades. This means that we can continue to offer a ton of features in JibberJobber for the free model (but still adding above-and-beyond value to the premium users).

All of this generalization can mean very little without real numbers to back them up. I’m not going to be that transparent right now. But I am very aware of the need to have a sustainable business model. We have whittled away some distractions (the GoogleAds went away pretty quickly) and are focusing on long-term sustainability through … our… secret sauce. More on that later :).

Anne Zelenka: “The penny gap separates the winners from the losers, economically speaking.”

Fred Wilson: “free is a great way to make money. You just have to know how you are going to get paid for being free.”

Hat tip to Jeff Jordan for pointing me to the penny gap posts.

More flattery…

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

Here are some other blog posts on the special… is this cool or what?

Nadine TurnerNadine Turner came into my little world a few weeks ago (almost two months??) and we hit it off pretty quick. I only know her from our online communications (wish she would be on IM more ;)) and have found her to be quick, witty, sharp, curious, and helpful. And extremely cool. Thank you Nadine for your cool endorsement!

Thom Allen aka DigitalTHOMI met Thom Allen in the lobby of Appleby’s when we were the first ones to show up for a bloggers dinner in March. We both kind of sat there for a while and finally I said “are you with the bloggers?” Its a wierd question, like saying “did you watch Star Trek before you came” or “would you have really voted for Sinjaya on American Idol?” … seems like a personal question. Anyway, I’m still trying to figure out what Thom does because as I follow him on Twitter he seems to do… everything! Yo Thom, thanks for the support!

Ash BucklesI found Ash Buckles’ blog last summer when I started blogging and found that he worked for one of my close friends while he was in Rexburg, Idaho. We exchanged e-mails way back then but finally met a couple of months ago at a bloggers dinner. He is the CIO of Brides Club and has a lot of responsibilities there (hands on IT as well as corporate strategy). Does some very cool stuff, has recently begun to post stuff on YouTube, and overall a very cool guy. He asked a question at the last March dinner that I have been thinking about daily since! Thanks Ash, for this cool post on how JibberJobber can be useful in planning a wedding!

flattered. speechless.

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

So yesterday I announced a special one-week offer at JibberJobber. And I have to say that I’m absolutely flattered and speechless by some of the blogger reactions that I’ve received. (note, there have been a number of people that have forwarded this special to their own networks, lists they manage, etc. Thank you SO much! If you want me to list you here just let me know)…

Scot Herrick - Cube RulesScot Herick writes at We’ve known eachother for a while (seems like he is one of the first bloggers that I met so about 9 or 10 months?)… and he has endorsed or recommended JibberJobber before. But I never expected an endorsement like this. Wow.

Rob MerrillRob Merrill writes at (and other places). I e-mailed Rob last summer and said “hey, I’m a fellow Utah blogger, let’s hook up” and we’ve had a cool relationship ever since. As a matter of fact he’s one of my top favorite recruiters – and a really good friend. His post about JibberJobber and me are very flattering.

John ReinkeThe story behind me and John Reinke is a fun one, and we’ve had a very interesting relationship. John has one of the funnest blogs to read – he is a cynic and critic like no other – he’s quick to give a well-though-out opinion and calls ’em like he sees ’em. This post blew me away.

Harry Joiner - The Marketing Recruiter (Marketing Headhunter)Harry Joiner is one of the most respected recruiting bloggers and has an excellent blog (he’s been a favorite of mine since the beginning – he lives by “quality content”). Yesterday this post went up – it didn’t mention the special but it is a great endorsement of JibberJobber. Thanks Harry!

Carl Chapman - Executive Restaurant RecruiterCarl Chapman and appeared on the blog scene shortly after I did and we hit it off really well. Two ambitious newbies… he’s offered me lots of advice over the last 9 or 10 months and has been very kind to me. I think he loves blogging on anything I do just to put a picture of Jessica Alba there… shoot, he’s the one that got recruiters to call me Jason Jessica Alba! Here’s his post about this… !

Laura MoncurLaura Moncur is a veteran master of the web – she has the oldest quotations website, blogs on a number of blogs, is on twitter, … its pretty cool. I’ve read her personal blog since I got into the Utah blog scene and seen her comments on other Utah blogs… I finally got to meet her in March at the blogger’s dinner – it was really cool (we sat across from one another and her and her husband gave me advice on my pending book). She blogged about the special on her Gadets Page blog… thank you!

Phil801Phil801 is one of those internet folks that kind of doesn’t have a last name – he is his handle :) Even in conversation I call him Phil801! He blogged about the special here, and had some really kind things to say about it.

Kent BlumbergKent Blumberg – wow, I can’t remember how we met exactly but Kent has turned into a very close friend. He is an expert in management and leadership and has been a very close advisor for JibberJobber. When I went to Houston in January he was with me for most meetings that I had scheduled, opened doors for me, and was the definitely of “power connector. Kent has called me on the carpet when appropriate, offered wise advice, and more. You can’t have a more valuable friend than Kent – he is an expert giver.

Mick WistMick and Matt from Insourced have an excellent blog and they were also one of the first to blog on the special… they also have some cool stuff going on at their company! Thanks for hitting this Mick! You are right about the “you probably don’t have too much to lose!” line.

Alex Rudloff - Owner of Emurse (resume creation)Alex Rudloff is the owner of (I send people to his site all the time…) – he might have been the first person to blog on the special.

I’m a B-List blogger

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

Forget the Z-list, and tongue-stick-out to the A-list – I’m a b-lister! This is for my JibberJobber blog, of course, which is about 10 months old.

B-List Blogger

Once I get about 200 more blogs linking into JibberJobber I’ll hit A-list status. Hat-tip to fellow b-lister Harry Joiner.