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Kent Blumberg: Why I don’t want a referral fee

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

This is a really interesting post on how to get more business.

For years I’ve been asked if JibberJobber has an affiliate program (aka, a referral fee for people who refer JibberJobber to their network).  The answer is NO.  While affiliate programs were very popular five to ten years ago.

I started with an affiliate program but found it was just not appropriate for our model.  One reason is that most people who asked would refer less than 50 people a year, and the percentage that would actually signup, use it, and then upgrade (for $9.95/month) was very low.  It wasn’t worth it for anyone.

Kent is a professional service provider (executive coach).  If I refer one person to him, that could be worth hundreds and easily thousands.  There is a lot more money to share in that scenario.

But Kent’s post, Why I don’t want a referral fee, goes to another level.

Let’s say you give me a referral and I give you $100.  How was that?  Are you fulfilled?

If you are giving a referral so you can increase your income, $100 isn’t very much.  If you consistently get $100 a day that is interesting, but if you get $100 a year, it is barely fun money.

Kent’s blog post starts out “My business is built on referrals.”  Why, then, doesn’t he pay for referrals?

Another line says: “a (referral) fee would deter me from giving referrals to you.”


Read his post to find out what’s more valuable than a referral fee.





Tim Ferriss and John Romaniello on getting a 7 figure book deal

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

I LOVE Tim’s blog posts like this… it’s like a formula to go from zero to “successful.”  While you  may not be positioned to write a book, or pitch it, or get an advance, you can learn a lot from this long guest post.

With that, I’ll let you go over there now.  It’s a long post, but it’s worth it. I need to print all of the posts like this on Tim’s blog and study them!

How a First-Time Author Got a 7-Figure Book Deal

Entrepreneur with Cancer: Liz Strauss

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

I just read an interview by Liz, who I know and have interacted with a number of times.  Liz is one of those special ladies you wish you could work with in your life.  She’s awesome.

The interview is great, and it shows some of the reality of being an entrepreneur.  Here’s one of my favorite sentences:

“As an entrepreneur, one day you think you own the world and the next day you’re losing your house.”

Can you imagine building something awesome, only to have something catastrophic yank it away.

Liz is still in control, and she will always be awesome.

Brilliant: Image Cropper for Social Sites

Friday, April 5th, 2013

I got an email from Joan Stewart about the Social Media Image Maker and thought “I use snagit from techsmith… they are the bomb.”

Yes, they are the bomb.  If I get a new computer it’s one of the first apps to go on the computer.

But the Social Media Image Maker is different.  Totally useful and awesome.  Here’s Joan’s post about it.

It helps you create the perfectly cropped image for many social sites you might be on.