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Tough Questions for your business: Alan Weiss

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Paul Copcutt, personal branding speaker and consultant, sent a link to a group I’m in to The Examined Practice, a post by Alan Weiss with a number of tough questions everyone should ask about their business.

It’s worth printing out and answering, ever year.  Some questions (read entire post here):

  • Are your revenues increasing by at least 10 percent a year? Why or why not?
  • Have you created new intellectual property in the prior year?
  • Do you have contracted business that will pay fees over the next six months, and contacts going beyond that?
  • Do you have a financial, liquid reserve equal to a year’s expenses?

These are four of the sixteen questions. No matter how you answer them now, you can use these sixteen questions as goals to work towards to answer them better next year.

Eight Lunches, Second Draft, Instructions

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

I just finished the second draft of Eight Lunches.  Whew.

If you want to review it, leave a comment here and I’ll email it to you.

Here are the instructions for the review:

  1. I’m sending a word document in case you are dying to leave anything specific in the document (with Track Changes).  I do not want too much of this, though, because last time I was overwhelmed to the point of paralysis and didn’t know how to digest it.  So, do it if you must, otherwise, see #3.
  2. I’m sending it to my editor after I compile the feedback… so don’t worry about grammar, spelling, flow, etc.
  3. I’d love one or two paragraphs, or some bullet points, of your feedback. I’m specifically looking for feedback that will help me make this tighter, better, stronger.  Feel free to be critical and negative… so I can find out what bugs people about what I’ve done.

I think that’s it… pretty simple… again, if you want to see it, please leave a comment on this other post.

I’d like to get this to the editor in the next 30 days… so I’d appreciate any thoughts in the next week or two. If you are a deadline person, consider July 31 your deadline :)

ElectroCloseOut Projector: Optoma HD66

Monday, July 11th, 2011

In November I bought a projector from Electrocloseout for presentations… I was uber-excited about it because, well, real companies have presentation projectors, right?

It took way to long to get it (I think I finally got it in January :((((((), but it was cool, for about a week or two.

Then we got a white dot on the screen.

Then we got a few more white dots on the screen.

Then the screen started filling with white dots….

Now, in July, check out what our screen looks like:

Today I finally got in touch with the warranty company… I’m really hoping there is a “happily ever after” to this story… we’ll see how it goes!

William and the Tarantula

Monday, July 11th, 2011

On our road trip we stayed with family in Midland, Texas.  When I was a kid I caught some horned toads (aka, horny toads, which are some of the coolest lizards in the world) there, and have fond memories of hunting for stuff.

My son, about the age I was when we was there last, regularly went out to the yard to see what he could find.  We were told the corner of the 1/2 acre, with a wood pile, was the best place to look for critters.

One morning William ran in, barely able to speak/yell, but it was clear we had to run out to see what he found… a freaking awesome wild tarantula!

Why aren’t we lucky enough to get this stuff in our yard in Utah?  Dangit.

Anyway, we took a few pictures… this is my favorite… I kept saying “put your hand closer… closer, closer…” until he finally said, with anxiety, “DAD!”  Like, “DAD, you are freaking crazy!  I like animals, but I don’t like posing like this!

Nonetheless, the picture turned out great, don’t you think?