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Four Letters: DO (vs.) BE

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Last week I was doing the dishes thinking about hanging out, doing nothing.

I wasn’t wishing I was doing nothing, I was just thinking about what it means to do nothing.

Hang out.


Read, or watch a movie, or watch mindless television.  Sit on the couch and just do nothing.

I’m not a busy-body, but I’m not a do nothing person, either.  My wife and I cut our honey moon short because we were so anxious to move into our first new (to us) apartment and start to doing stuff in our new (to me) town.

We have a hard time being, because we are driven to do.

Is this good or bad?

I think there needs to be a healthy balance, and I’m not convinced I’ve figured that out yet.

Unmarketing, ebooks, ebook readers, book reports, WOW!

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

I just read a really cool post by author/speaker extraordinaire Scott Stratten THE AWESOMENESS OF BEING A 2.0 AUTHOR. The title didn’t grab me and at first I wasn’t going to read the post but I’m glad I took a few minutes to get hooked.

WOW! Read the post.

Lots of great stuff there, but here’s one thing I didn’t know about… the ability to track what Kindle users highlight (see Scott’s point #3).

I checked out the top books highlighted and here’s what I found… check out each of these links if you want to see what other people highlighted from various top/popular books:

Here are Scott Stratten’s highlights: UnMarketing.

Is this cool or what?  See the front page of this feature here.