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Mike Dooley Quote: Famous People

Monday, October 25th, 2010

First, I’m not set out to be famous (I’m definitely out to be something else, but fame is not what I’m after :)).

I got an email this morning that had this Mike Dooley quote – here’s a reference (there are many online, just google Mike Dooley):

The one thing all famous authors, world class athletes, business tycoons, singers, actors, and celebrated achievers in any field have in common is that they all began their journeys when they were none of these things.

Yet still, they began their journeys.

Mike Dooley

AMEN! I’ve been thinking about this as I speak to people who are just beginning their journey.


Brilliant Advertising & JetBlue

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Every once in a while I’ll see a CNN video clip and the commercial is usually (hopefully) a JetBlue commercial.  I absolutely LOVE these commercials.  Here’s one of my favorites:

Oh my gosh – BRILLIANT!

Entrepreneur Reads from Ben Yoskovitz & Fred Wilson

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

My mind is in entrepreneurial stuff as I think about wrapping up Eight Lunches (what is the definition of “good enough??).

Here are three excellent reads for entrepreneurs:

A Postmortem Analysis of Standout Jobs: Ben founded Standout Jobs and then sold it… for a net financial loss.  Too many times we put on our smiley faces when asked about our companies… and Ben could have bragged about a “successful exit,” but he is a true blogger… very transparent.  This is a MUST read.

Paying Yourself is Not a Reason to Raise Early Stage Funding: Very important read for anyone looking to raise money.  You raise money to be able to make more money, not to reduce the stress from on founders bank accounts…

What A CEO Does: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. It has the THREE things a CEO is responsible for (and a message about delegating the rest).

Cool stuff – worth the time to read them.

San Diego and Walking (MapMyWalk)

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

I am in San Diego and went on a walk this morning.  To map out my walk so I could record the distance I did a quick search and found the amazing, awesome, just-what-I-was-looking-for map found here, on’s walking page.

It is powered by MapMyWalk but I’m too busy/lazy right now to figure out how to put it on my own site…. for now I’ll use About’s page when I’m on the road (which is going to be a lot this next 6 months).

Here are some miscellaneous thoughts about my trip this time, my second time to San Diego:

  • San Diego is a beautiful place, I think.  Sunny and all that.  Except when it’s all cloudy and gloomy, which is exactly how it has been since I’ve gotten here.  That’s okay, it’s been quite sunny in Utah.
  • I love seeing surfers walking around town, barefoot and carrying their surfboards around, or driving around with surfboards on their cars.  Saw this in Malibu a lot … a fun part of the culture.
  • It’s okay for me to call people DUDE around here…. yeah :)
  • Had excellent Mexican food, which is what I expected coming this close to MX (even though the hotel receptionist said I had to go to MX to get the real stuff, this was pretty awesome :)).
  • Walking through downtown S.D., like any big town (granted, this isn’t big, but it is downtown) is interesting. I forgot how stinky big cities can be… lots of homeless people here (great weather – many homeless in Utah leave during the winter), and I heard things like “GETTING OFF PAROLE IS YOUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!!” (was a phone call) and “YOU *&%% @##%$, YOU ARE ON TOO MANY DRUGS,” (that was a guy shouting to a girl on the street.  The guy was good looking, well-dressed, British accent… and very frustrated with the drugged-out girl.  All this stuff makes me feel like i don’t get out enough!
  • Parking is fun here – went to a grocery store with Susan Joyce ( and we parked in the stores only parking lot – a somewhat open, UNDERGROUND parking lot.
  • The trees and plants are amazing.  Super cool trees, and birds of paradise plants… simply awesome.

Now, back to work.  My next trip is to D.C. in a few weeks.