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Job Search Book + LinkedIn DVD Special

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

job_search_now_whatIII have 10 I’m in a Job Search — Now What??? books that I’ll bundle with my LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD for only $40 with no S&H.

Total spend is $40.

When they are gone, they are gone. (I have other books I can substitute…. I’ll let you know if we’re out when you order)

First come first serve – take advantage asap before the book is gone.

To pay, go to this payment page and fill out the form (put $40 for the purchase and make sure to put your mailing address in the comments).

How to NOT Pitch a Blogger

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Check out the intro in this email I got:


Are you serious?  The first sentence says he’s been following my blog.  Dude, my name is all over all my blogs.  It’s not that hard to figure out.

And am I a blogger OR an expert?  I’m still trying to figure that one out…

You have to get a little more personal to pitch me… my name is (well, you’ll have to figure that out for yourself).

I swear I don’t teach her this stuff – LAME

Monday, February 15th, 2010

On Saturday I had three of my kids and we were escaping to Costco for a bit. I called my wife and asked her to look for an address for a store… I wanted to get her two end tables but didn’t want her to know about it.  This was going to be my valentines present to her.

End tables aren’t the most romantic things, but we’ve been wanting real end tables for a while and I knew the kind to get (real wood, sturdy, new, etc.).

Anyway, I got off the phone and stated “we’re going to spend a few hundred dollars today guys!”


“To get mom’s valentines day present!”

My six year old then says “ah come on Dad, why don’t you just get her something lame?

I was cracking up, wondering what the heck that meant.  I asked “Like what?”

She said, “something lame, like flowers and candy.”

And then, after a short pause, she sincerely asks, “what does lame mean?

ROFL — that was too funny :p  Ah, the joy a six year old can bring.

“I don’t do much with dogs”

Friday, February 5th, 2010

This is what I wrote when my JibberJobber developer asked me a question about a certain part of JibberJobber.

He asked me something that had to do with the Jobs section of JibberJobber.  In my mind I starting thinking of my response:

“I don’t do much with jobs.”

(I use JJ more as a business CRM, since I’m not in a job search).

While I was typing that I started to think:

I have to eat my own dog food. In fact, any business owner, designer, product manager, salesperson or product advocate has to eat their own dog food… if they don’t eat their own dog food then….!”

I went on a mental rant… and instead of typing what I wanted, I combined both ideas and produced this sentence:

“I don’t do much with dogs”

To which my developer had to ask “I’m sorry, what do you mean by that?  What do dogs have to do with anything?”

LOL – sometimes, I swear I need a new brain…

Choose the Right

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Along the path to becoming better parents we came across Nicholeen Peck’s stuff, which is best summarized as “teaching self government” to kids.

The idea is to help kids understand how they can govern themselves, their actions, their emotions, etc.  I’ve blogged about Nicholeen here and here.

One of the things she teaches us is how we can teach our kids to “accept a ‘NO’ answer.”  That is, when they ask something, and we say no, they can respond by saying OK with (a) a calm face and (b) a calm voice and then (c) dropping the subject.

If you think about it, it’s a brilliant thing to learn (many adults need to learn this).  Of course, they can “disagree appropriately,” also, so it’s not all about accepting our NO.

Usually when our 3 year old asks a question and we say NO, she is thrilled to say okay in that way. And then she immediately says “dad, I accepted a no answer with a calm face and a calm voice!” with the cutest smile and sense of pride you can imagine.  It’s really cute.

A few days ago she said something equally cute… we also hope our kids make right decisions… even though nobody always makes right decisions we want them to know they can CHOOSE to make a good (or right) decision – they are empowered to make decisions that will impact the consequences.

The three year old was talking to my wife and said very simply, and with a very serious face:

“I  choose the right, not the left

It was good to hear her clarify that she had made a right decision, not a left decision :p