Polarizations on Jan 13th – 2006 vs 2009

On January 13th, 2006, I drove away from my employer for the last time.  I was done there.  It was a bitter-sweet day.

Today, exactly three years later, I open CIO.com to see this, the top featured article:

There is nothing bitter about this January the 13th, 2009!


5 Responses to “Polarizations on Jan 13th – 2006 vs 2009”

  1. Alex Says:

    Congratulations Jason! That’s awesome.

  2. Kent Blumberg Says:

    You so rock!

  3. Curt Johnson Says:

    Congratulations! I remember some of our conversations from a few years ago, and you have moved “light-years” forward with your career. Sometimes the best things in life come after the greatest trials. Keep smiling my friend… The best may be yet to come!

  4. Serena Says:

    What a great article. Congratulations, Jason! Not only is your story great, but your product is as well. I love me some Jibber Jobber!


  5. Jason Says:

    Thanks you guys – you have all been great encouragers (bloggers get to make up words, right?) during this journey!

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