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Daisy Martinez: where exactly is Spain?

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

latin_america.pngI overheard Daisy Cooks host Daisy Martinez this morning talking about sofrito (which is, freaking awesome). She said it’s the cornerstone of Latin American country food… and listed a few countries. And for good measure she slipped Spain in.

Wow, I didn’t know what Spain was part of Latin America. Isn’t there a big puddle between, um, Spain and Latin America? Maybe it is if you look at those really, really old maps before the continents shifted :p

Oh well, she is right, sofrito rocks.

Pizza Hut for adults

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

I got an e-mail from Pizza Hut yesterday (we just got a new Pizza Hut in town, which I’ve been wanting for almost 3 years!). I wasn’t sure if it was going to include dirty pictures or not. Check out what it looks like in my e-mail box:


Pretty cool, huh? So I can’t open this in front of my kids because they aren’t 17 yet.

Yes, this was a legit e-mail from Pizza Hut. Yes, it was family-safe.

Turns out the cool people that wrote this wanted to make sure that I knew “Pizza Hut” is a registered trademark, probably so I don’t inappropriately use it. But it did make me think thrice before I opened the e-mail.

I love Jessica Alba (and her Silverado)

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Jessica Alba is not my sister, or cousin, or anything like that…I swear, cross my heart, and all that stuff, I’m not making this up. I just (1:24pm MST) got a call from 1.800.638.5828… and here’s how it went:

Cathy: Hi this is Cathy from Onstar. I’m looking for a Jessica Alba.

Jason Alba: Jessica Alba, the movie star?

Cathy: I’m looking for Jessica Alba regarding a 2007 Silverado.

Jason Alba: There’s no Jessica Alba here.

Cathy: Okay, thank you.

(she hangs up and goes on to look. I didn’t know that my famous namesake moved to Utah :p)

I’m guessing she got her truck stolen.

SilveradoSo Jessica, here’s the deal. I’m happily married with kids and not looking for a relationship. But I would really dig the chance to take a spin with you in your Silverado… maybe we can grab a bite, and then when people ask me if I’m related to you (at least once a week) I can say “no, but we hung out. In her Silverado. That was stolen.”

Next time you are in Utah call onstar to get my home number.

By the way, since we have something in common (Alba) … I’ll comp you a lifetime premium subscription to JibberJobber 😉

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Good Editing

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

I have a monthly newsletter that I send out… it is a newsletter about JibberJobber. It’s actually kind of hard to write, for various reasons. I also blog daily and make comments on other people’s blogs. I am also towards the end of the first step in the book “I’m on LinkedIn – Now What??”

So I’m accutely aware of the quality of writing. Especially when I get called on it. Anything from typos to grammar to tone … I get called on it all. That’s why I enjoy seeing things from big rich companies where they make the same kind of mistakes I do. The first thing, in red, shows that they forgot to CHANGE one of the two. The second thing just shows that they thought about AND vs *and* … no biggie but I always find this interesting. At least I’m not the only one that wonders which would be better (hey, their solution is to use both :pplaxo_typo.png

How to get reassigned from your current job

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

In this MSN article, Canines canned for bad people skills, we can learn simple things to do if we don’t like our current jobs.  I’m guessing the new job is more fun for them anyway.

Tips from Wendy Enelow

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

Wendy Enelow - accomplished authorI asked Wendy for some do’s and don’ts on book promotion – here’s a quick list:


  1. Be visible – at conferences, workshops, etc. – either as a speaker and/or an exhibitor.
  2. Set up an e-commerce site to sell your book online.
  3. Join many professional associations as a vehicle to increase your visibility and generate more book sales.
  4. Connect with “specialty” audiences that may be interested in your book (e.g., for my military resume book, I do a look of military job fairs).
  5. Write articles – paid or not – to increase visibility of you and the book.
  6. Send free copies to various search engines, websites, publications and more in anticipation of getting free press.
  7. Send a press release announcing your book ( is a great resource for this).


  1. Don’t waste your time doing book signings at bookstores. They rarely yield more than a bare handful of book sales.
  2. Don’t rely on the publisher to do all of the book marketing. They’re going to rely on you heavily to get the word out.

Thanks Wendy!

Vader on Respect

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

This reminds me of people who never take their sunglasses off when they talk to you :p

Hat tip the my friends at the Busto blog.

Dear Yahoo,

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

Yahoo, or BooHoo??I got an e-mail from Yahoo yesterday wondering why I haven’t been using their ad network:

We’ve been reviewing advertisers’ accounts, and noticed that your account has been inactive lately. We understand that this might have been a result of decreased traffic volume, which caused you to be dissatisfied with your account performance.

We want your online advertising to be successful, so we recommend using an important ad testing feature that can help increase traffic while lowering your costs:

I would like to tell you, in reply to your e-mail, but at the bottom it says “do not reply.” So I’ll tell you here.

I signed up for your ad network. But a couple of days later you e-mailed me and said you didn’t want me. I violated something (not sure how offensive job-related keywords are). Not sure why – there was nothing offensive or anything like that.

So now why are you going to rub it in? Don’t you know that I’m in your database but you are trying to kick me out? Do you have to send me e-mails on how to optimize something that you won’t let me optimize??

Is it Yahoo or Boohoo?  Geesh!